Best Camera For Dental Photography 2023

Best Camera For Dental Photography 2023

The world is heading towards advancement and every profession has moved its ways to the internet too. Everything in this world is getting advanced so dentistry is. With the discoveries and innovations in this field, it is highly important and compulsory to attach pictures and detailed parts of the related body parts with the theories and discoveries for better understanding for the general public as well as other dentists all around the globe.

Dental photography is now a new trend in this field and people are really appreciating the efforts made by the present dentist and surgeon to bring it to the internet and spread general awareness and thorough knowledge to people. Photography is any profession which helps in teaching and educating the masses is we believe the most important thing to do.

This is how when the dentist while working or treating a patient with his teeth or a surgeon doing a mouth surgery record or go live with the treatment along with the camera showing every detail to the people brings good results and awareness in the society as well as help others to decide whether or not they want to join the field. When it comes to photography in the dental profession, we assume the camera which has a quality of capturing every minor detail and stays focused on the right place no matter if it’s about taking pictures or filming a video or a live show of dentistry treatment, the camera should go along with all the situations related to the dental profession.

Now, most of the dentists and surgeons do not have any idea about genuine and befitting camera which runs smoothly with their work. For those, we are here with a detailed guideline. In this article, we are going to cover the best cameras for dental photography, keeping in view the range and other necessary factors.

Need for a good camera in Dental Profession

A good camera is a mandatory and the most essential gadget for the modern dental profession or for dental photography as it gives rise to awareness and details of the matter relating to the dentistry as well as improves the profession and better services. You are really well aware of the fact that the quality of the image and the excellent result of the camera is extremely important. Otherwise, it would have a reverse effect on your efforts.

Another favourable reason, the patients and the students have shown progress on firsthand along with the whole process of the treatment. All the good things happen only when you provide clear and understandable content.

Dental photography has multiple advantages for everybody either for the dentists or for the people. This also helps in the marketing of the involved dentist and may get some better advice and tips from other dentists and senior surgeons too.

Therefore, we are out on a mission to bring you and recommend you the best cameras in a reasonable price and necessary specifications. Let’s get into the comprehensive and all-inclusive review of the cameras before wasting any time and we hope this will help you with what you want.

Best Dental Cameras For Dentists

1. Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T7i US 24.2

Brand: Canon | Model: EOS Rebel T7i | Weight: 1.18 pounds | Sensor: APS-C (23.5 x 15.7mm) | ISO: 100 to 25600 | Resolution: 24.2 MP |


Wide LCD

6.0 fps

WI-FI connectivity

24.2 MPs

DIGIC 7 image processor


Limited video quality

No viewfinder

Canon EOD Rebel T7i Digital SLR camera is the most genuine and authentic camera since its make. The camera offers the quickest frame rate with a 6.0 fps continuous shooting speed. This gives the best image production and good quality visuals of dental-related photography.

It has built-in features of WI-Fi and Bluetooth with NFC connectivity features. This camera provides high-speed creative filters for resting objects and full HD video HDR Film and time lapses too.  The screen is wide with 3.0 inches LCD display and the lens is 24.2 Megapixels for perfect and clear images and additionally permits you to capture the images with actual colours, short descriptions and vibrancy for the best resulting images.

Moreover, it is a strong performer when in the hands of dentists with AF systems of 45 pints cross-type and optical viewfinder. These features help to take and produce the special moments during the dental surgery without missing no minor details of the process.

This camera is dual pixel CMOS AD for sudden focus and accuracy in capturing the target. It comes with an ISO of 25600 which helps you to focus on the target with low lights and in darkness. The best part of the camera is its inexpensive price with a lot of great features. This is probably a good choice if you are searching for the best camera for dental photography.

2. Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera

Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera

Brand: Nikon | Model: D5600 | Weight: 5.63 pounds | Sensor: APS-C (23.5 x 15.6mm) | ISO: 100 – 25600 | Resolution: 24.2 MP |


20.9MPs resolution with DX

Big touchscreen LCD

30 frames per second

Ten fps shooting speed

Built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth

Rechargeable battery


Cropped 4k videotape

Weak flash

This dental camera is one of the best cameras that can be used without any hesitation for dental photography. It is a brilliant camera as it shoots a minimum of ten frames in a single second with the features of balancing the extra brightness and white effect with the production of true colours in every lighting situation not matter either bright or poor.

This is considered to be best for dentists for photography due to its exceptional features and the top-of-the-line D5 autofocus mechanism. This Nikon camera is extremely portable for its sleek and slim body and lightweight with unbelievable performance and quality image.

Its DC Sensor has a lot into the small pack and the most impressive thing in this camera is its visual quality which has been keeping in deep focus with its portability. With 20.9 megapixels CMOS sensor, it is found to be more reliable and has auto-balance capabilities which make it stay ready to picture the minor details with true colours and texture which is highly important in the profession.

Along with that the camera image processor 5 with 3.2 inches touchscreen display and 10fps shooting speed and maximum of 30 frames per second are produced. Further, this camera gives you the confidence to present your image in front of anyone. It has connectivity features with connection with WI-FI, Bluetooth and NFC are also available which makes it easy to use and transfer images on a quick basis. We must say that this camera is best suited for dental photography for all the right reasons.

3. Canon PowerShot SX740 DSLR Camera

Canon PowerShot SX740 DSLR Camera

Brand: Canon | Model: PowerShot SX740 HS | Weight: 1.96 pounds | Sensor: SDXC | ISO: 100 – 25600 | Resolution: 20.3 MP |


Portable built

40x optical zoom

4k video

Flip forward LCD

Face detection AF


Difficult in hand grip


This Canon PowerShot SX740 Digital SLR camera is powered by Canon, originally made in Japan is best known for its expertise in Dental Photography.

The camera offers DIDIC 8 image processor for fast processing and production of images of better quality. Due to its features together with 20.3Megapixels and 40x camera zoom to capture images from a distant range easily and clearly. The slim, smart and light body of this camera makes it portable and durable to take with you anywhere you want.

It is manufactured with improved picture quality and exceptional advantageous features in the dental profession. It has extensive connectivity features with WI-FI connection, and snapshot and pairs up with other devices like laptops and mobiles with Bluetooth connection. It comes with a case, case strap, battery charger, battery, and wrist strap and user manuals.

Its 20.3 megapixels sensor along with other features brings new surprising results with the continuous shooting and high shooting speed. With a good processor and processing engine, it provides the capacity of Full HD 4K video captivity.

This feature allows the user to have perfect, clear and refined images and video which is mandatory for dental photography. All these features make it more suitable and legitimate for dentists who wish to buy a dental camera. The black beauty has multiple connectivity features as well. Despite having many faults, this camera still proves it to be a suitable camera for dentists.

4. Nikon D850 FX DSLR Camera

4. Nikon D850 FX DSLR Camera

Brand: Nikon | Model: D850 | Weight: 2.02 pounds |


4K Ultra HD

45.7 MPs

7 to 9 fps

120 frames per second slow motion

Good battery

Multi battery powerpack

Compatible Lens


Issue with live view focus

Weak flash

Weak snapbridge

If you are a dentist and want a perfect camera that goes along with your dental profession, Nikon D850 FX DSLR Camera can be your favourite due to its attractive feature especially demanded by dental photography. This is a multifunction and potent camera with excellent image quality production, easy to carry and other prominent features. The camera is capable to be very portable for its thinnest body and lightweight properties.

It offers shoot Full resolution up to 9 fps continuous shooting speed and a lens with 45.7 Megapixels high image production. The images it captures are focusing on every minor detail with perfect fps rate to perfect image and proper treatment of the dental issue of the patient. It comes with the MC-D18 battery pack with EN-EL 18b/a Lithium-ion Battery.

The camera has the ability to capture low-light images with a focus on the subject in the darkness as well. The primes and zooms of the camera work on the lowest light rates as well as this feature is best for dentists as sometimes in the mouth, they cannot produce the proper lightening. It also has a picture control system and auto picture control to enhance the photos taken.  It shoots approximately 120 frames per second in slow motion at 1080p. Hence, these features show that the camera is worthy of dental photography due to excellent quality images, slow motion on high resolution, autofocus and long battery.

5. Sony a7 III Camera

5. Sony a7 III Camera

Brand: Sony | Model: a7 III | Weight: 1.44 pounds | Sensor: Zoom | ISO: 50 to 204,800 | Resolution: 24.2MP |


Full frame 24.2 MPs

AF points alternatives

Silent shutter

High reach ISO

14 bits uncompressed RAW

R CMOS sensor


One SD Card slot

Weak angle LCD

Sony is a well-known brand too and people trust the brand for its products but still, sometimes they have to find faulty cameras too. If not, they do have not to find features they require for their jobs and profession or they are expensive as compared to properties.

This is basically a full-frame mirrorless camera powered by Sony. Sony A7 III has a 24.2 Megapixels resolution that is demanded by the dentist for perfect and detailed photography within the mouth. It is budget-friendly as well due to its inexpensive price and easy availability on Amazon. 

It features of the AF system are strong and work real quick with 10 fps shooting speed for a perfect portrait of the image staying within the budget as well as 4K UHD video.  It also offers the built-in feature of an illuminated image sensor and image technology to produce images with great quality in a large range as this is a full-frame camera that gives high-quality images.

It is perfect to capture images in noise and image loss environments due to its ISO features. The 10 frames per second in continuous mode makes it a very eligible and useful camera with 8fps in live view mode. However, with analyses, it has been proved that the camera is capable of shooting 15 to 17 fps per second with high resolution.

Lastly, we would say that this camera has proved its efficiency in the detail profession already and passed the test of its good quality image and productivity. Therefore, this is worth buying an inexpensive camera for dental photography.

6. Canon PowerShot D7 C Mark II DSLR Camera

Canon PowerShot SX740 DSLR Camera

Brand: Canon | Model: PowerShot G7 X Mark II | Weight: 1 pound |


10fps continuous shooting

Control layout

65 point cross-type autofocus

Detailed ISO]

Canon lens system



Rigid LCD

No WIFI connectivity

The EOD D7 Mark II Digital SLR is another dental camera powered by the Canon as it is the latest flagship DSLR camera at the point by the brand. The camera has 20.2 Megapixels APS-C sensor together with 10 frames per second shooting speed as well as ISO ranging from 100 to 16,000 including expanding to 51,200.  

It has great specifications with multiple connectivity features making it flexible to go along with many other devices. However, if you do not want a WI-FI connection, you can easily go with this camera. Besides all these features, it is also expensive price as well.

Ultimately allows you to take advantage of the numerous features, with 10 frames per second continuous shooting speed along with 65 point cross-type autofocus picture system. Moreover, it offers a self-timer option as well as wink, face and 4 smile auto click picture features.

Overall this is despite having a high price but contains features that make the full satisfaction of price you paid. It fulfils the demands of dental photography for the dental profession. It has around 65 points all cross-type AF systems and Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF feature for perfect and amazing captivity of image and 4K video. 

It is also compatible with the facility of EF and EF-S Lenses with other EOS accessories. This is highly suitable for dentists due to its unbelievable features and specification.

Final Words

By thorough and close read of the content above, you must have understood the need for a perfect camera in the dental profession along with the importance and benefits too. In the advanced and modernized world where everybody is getting ahead with technology.

The dentist should also move forward too and brings it a profession to the world of technology themselves.

To bring it to the internet, they really need a good camera which actually helps them to have every single detail of the treatment going with recorded or live show content.

Therefore, these tested and strictly analyzed dental camera for photography and videography while performing their dentistry is very useful and genuine. We hope this article has helped you with the desired results and camera you were looking for.

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