144Hz VS 165Hz Gaming Monitor: Which One You Should Buy? 

144Hz VS 165Hz Gaming Monitor: Which One You Should Buy? 

Gamers and video editors are always searching for a better gaming monitor in order to make it get along better with their powerful graphic cards for the fastest and smoothest gaming experience.

Therefore, purchasing a gaming monitor with higher refresh is always their first priority.

Readers wonder if comparing a 144Hz gaming monitor with a 165Hz gaming monitor makes any difference.

Today, I’m going to explain it logically as well as practically to let you choose between 144Hz VS 165Hz gaming monitor

If you are a gamer who is looking for better gaming and confuse about choosing one between 144Hz VS 165Hz, You are literally on the right spot. 

First, let me tell you that many of you have questioned me regarding the difference between these two gaming monitors. My readers keep asking how many fps is 144Hz, know that it’s a maximum of 144fps on a 144Hz monitor whereas it’s 165fps if we calculate how many fps is 165Hz. 

Well, I must say that the two monitors have a difference of Frames per second (fps) where one offers 144Hz while the other 165Hz which directly has a higher refresh rate.

Therefore, if I generally took out an estimate between the two and it is clearly understood that there is a difference of actually 21 fps.

Many questions may strike your mind at this point. Is 165Hz better than 144Hz? Does it really make any difference? Does it make any better anyway? Is it even worth enough to buy a higher HZ with such a small difference? Is 144Hz good for gaming? Or is 165Hz good for gaming? Obviously, it’s a yes. However, it will get me a chance to change your thought right away. 

Now, it has been apparently shown that there is an accurate difference of 21Hz between 144Hz VS 165Hz which means 165Hz offers 21 more frames than 144Hz.

If you think that it is too little, you should know that it makes a difference of 14.5 to 15% depending your familiarity with the higher frame rates.

The difference makes your gaming experience smoother and faster by 14% with a notable improvement. Not only that it will also eliminate the essence of x-axis blur, bring a better flow in controls and an increased refresh rate. 

What is Hz and FPS?

Hz is basically a measurement of the refresh rates of the monitor to display an image in one second.

It allows you to know the maximum number of frames can be displayed on the monitor in a second. It is evident that the higher refresh rates enhance the overall performance of your monitor making it run smoother.

Meanwhile, the FPS is actually the number of frames the monitor is rendering in one second. Hopefully, your confusion between the Hz and FPS has been cleared till now.

 IS 165Hz better than 145Hz?

Since the manufacturers of the monitor have come to know the fact that they may increase the refresh rate of their product without even making any changes in another component to encourage the difference.

Thus, they manufactured a 165Hz monitor at the same price as 144Hz however with better refresh rates to support the graphic cards. It is no doubt a positive point in favor of 165Hz gaming monitors only if you are a true gamer.

This little extra fps makes a huge difference making your game faster, and smoother, with better panels, improved color accuracy, and faster response.

In my point of view, in comparison to 144Hz VS 165Hz, 165Hz takes the trophy. 

Pros and Cons of 144hz Gaming Monitor

144Hz gaming monitor gives you smooth gameplay with a better buttery gestures during your gaming experience. There are many pros and cons of 144Hz monitors. Let’s just quickly take a look at them.


  1. It is affordable and budget friendly with better performance. 
  2. Images are vibrant and clear.
  3.  Smooth image and faster response.


  1. It needs a powerful graphic card to make use of 144Hz.
  2. The display panel may not see attractive.

Pros and Cons of 165hz Gaming Monitor

165Hz is unquestionably better competitor of 144Hz gaming monitor with better viewing angle and perfectly increased image quality. 


  1. It shows less motion blur and smoother images as compared to 144Hz.
  2. It has better frame rates than the 144Hz gaming monitor.
  3. It will give you more exciting game plays and allow hitting your target clearly.


  1. It will need some complex settings to make.
  2. It requires you to pay a little more extra cash as compared to 144Hz.

Does Hz Really Make a Difference in Gaming?

Well, Hz is technically better, and higher refresh rates which help your display to be more responsive and smoother. 

This will give you the ultimate gameplay with an experience of another world. Thus, it makes important here.

Not only this, but it also helps you to target your enemies in the battleground more skillfully with better frame rates. Hence, the Hz is important and the increased Hz is excellent in the war between 144Hz VS 165Hz.


Logically, if we look into the difference, merits and demerits of 144Hz VS 165Hz, it can be understood that the 165Hz gaming monitor is surely better in many aspects as compared to the 144Hz gaming monitor.

You may not be able to notice a clear difference. However, you will feel a huge difference in your game play especially on competitive field among two.

However, I must say to make a choice wisely as both of them have their own benefits. Meanwhile, the experience of gaming is ultimate using monitors no matter if 144Hz VS 165Hz.

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