Best Electric Screwdriver For PC Building (2023 Picks)

Best Electric Screwdriver For PC Building (2023 Picks)

For the purpose whether it is about unscrewing the PC, its motherboard, its RAM, and any other components or screwing them back into the PC, you unreservedly need a screwdriver.

The fact that should be understood by the unprofessional is that for building a PC, it is preferable to use an electric or magnetic Screwdriver instead of an ordinary one. More importantly, the best and most authentic screwdriver is mandatory to have for better delivery of the task.

Therefore, we have got you the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building. In this article, we are going to cover the topic with all the tips and tricks. So that, you could be able to perform the task effectively after plumping for the best screwdriver as per your need.

Basically, there are some minor issues in the PC for which we do not need to take our PC to a professional PC operator. We ourselves are eligible enough to fix those issues after acknowledging the entire directions along with suggestions in such a way that brings you the best consequences.

Significantly, you don’t need a huge bundle of screwdrivers, if you have an authentic one that perfectly suits your PC, the single goes best with it. Undoubtedly, building a PC is an entertaining job to do and it gets more pleasurable when you have an exact tool to perform your task to perfection.

Take a look at the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building and pick out the best fitting screwdriver.

What Does An Electric Screwdriver Do?

Principally, an ordinary screwdriver is used to open and unscrew as well as screw an electronic device back to its shape after fixing or modifying your device. Identically, the electric screwdrivers are portable electrical devices that enable you to screw and unscrew an electronic device smoothly without making any effort.

There are generally two different kinds of heads of screwdriver we use to build a PC. One with flat-headed and the other is four-headed.

Things that are special about the electric screwdrivers are, that they have small carbon brushes in the screwdriver that manages the electric current between the wires and the rotating rod. They are likewise so favorable and expedient to avail as a means to build the PC.

Significance of Electric Screwdriver for PCs:

Usage of Electric Screwdriver is getting extremely popular and sought after by the users while assembling the components in your PC all over the world. Though the ordinary screwdriver works as same as the electric one, still there is a major difference in the power source. You have to manually loose and tight the screw with the ordinary one. However, the electric screwdriver has electric force to do so. The accuracy and productivity in their delivery of task is extra ordinary neat than the ordinary one. Along with that, it saves your time as well as energy including minimizing the chances of injuries during the task. They also have an option of increasing and decreasing the rate of RPM which is directly impacting your screwdriver speed as the higher RPM brings the low torque. Furthermore, they are convenient to use, less labor has to be performed, efficient, versatile and cost-effective too.

Best Electric Screwdriver for PC Building

For your convenience, we have enlisted a few best Electric Screwdriver for PC building for you. In order to let you save your time by just reading this review and get the ideal electric screwdriver for yourself. 

Before starting the review, we would like you to know that we present you the reviews after our experts complete their examination and analyses of the enlisted screwdrivers. Let’s quickly take a look at the enlisted electric screwdrivers that are known to be the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building.

1. JACKEMY Electric Screwdriver

JACKEMY Electric Screwdriver

This cordless electric screwdriver comes with the feature of making adjustments to the torques. This is one of the high-speed screwdrivers that assist in screwing and unscrewing the screws and bolts fast.

Basically, this Adjustable 8 Torque Electric Screwdriver belongs to JAKEMY which has total dimensions measuring 7.87 x 3.25 x 1.57 inches whereas its entire weight is 13.7 ounces with a Black attractive body. The screwdriver has a high-quality motor with 395 R/min speed that is 8 Torques with the original battery time of 3H along with an 800mAh battery.

It comes with a speedy and multi-tasker as well as super reliable 40 kinds of S2 bits that includes Torx; T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, and T20. Hex, H1.3, H1.5, H2.0, H3.0, H3.5. Slotted, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 2.5, 4.0. Phillips, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5. Tri-wing, Y0.8, Y2.0, Y3.0. Pentalobe, 0.8, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0. Triangle, 2.0, 3.0. Standoff, 1.5 and U-shaped, U 2.6. Further, it has a USB cable to charge the screwdriver that is rechargeable and has a lithium battery.

This device has features of a one-key operation that allows you to meet professional needs with a steering start button and easily operating features. In our experts’ opinion, this screwdriver with exceptional qualities and great features deserves to have and is considered to be as one of the best Electric Screwdriver for PC.

2. AMIR 28-in-1 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

AMIR 28-in-1 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This screwdriver kit contains a quality number of bits in the pack. This cordless Mini Electric screwdriver is powered by the AMIR that has almost 28 units which 24 of them are different precision bits, 1 handle of an electric screwdriver, 1 of them is a plastic prying tool, 1 USB Cable and the last is a magnetizer in a single pack.

This is basically a magnetic cordless screwdriver kit that can be easily carried anywhere and allows you to work effectively. It comes with a 300mAh built-in battery that can be easily recharged with the help of its USB cable. With the plastic appearance, the actual dimension of the product is 8.94 x 2.99 x 1.46 inches in total along with its total weight being 8.4 ounces.

The most significant head styles in the pack are Phillips, Hex ad Torx. This screwdriver lets you have a manual automatic integration feature that enables you to have the more efficient and fast performance of the task while bui8klding your PC. Further, it has installed 3 LEDs that switched on and off automatically while using them.

This electric cum magnetic screwdriver has a main clutch-type head and it helps you to enjoy high-end and best-quality results with its amazing features of durability as well as portability. We would suggest you to gift this set to your close friend as this is actually an attractive gift to present and the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building.

3. Fanttik Cordless Mini Electric Screwdriver

Fanttik Cordless Mini Electric Screwdriver

Fanttik Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver is another screwdriver that needs people’s attention as it is one of the deserving screwdrivers due to its extraordinary and wide variety of features. The electric screwdriver belongs to Fanttik with the model number E1 PRO.

This is a genuine professional kit that offers you some of the best useable bits. It comes with 1 Mini Electric screwdriver, 1 Storage case, 24 precision bits that include different bits of trox, Hex, tri-wing, Phillips and slotted along with 1 USB-C cable to charge and a manual for guidelines. 

This screwdriver comes with the feature of dual rotation, forward as well as revered that runs on the speed of approximately 180 RMP when fully charged. It is equipped with a powerful 350 mAh lithium-ion battery that lets you work continuously for more than 2 hours which is enough to tighten 400 bits.

The screwdriver has a strong battery that charges quickly within no time. the main head of the electric screwdriver is Flat with the Aluminum Alloy, Grey in color as well as a total weight of 13.1 ounces, and dimension measures 8.74 x 3.07 x 1.14 inches wholly. Its special feature is 2 gear torque control 0.05N.m/0.2N.m with manual mode together with the magnetic feature.

This one makes it real to be in the line of the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building that should be tried once as our experts have found themselves pretty impressed with the kit.

4. Populo 4V cordless Electric Screwdriver

Populo 4V cordless Electric Screwdriver

This screwdriver is manufactured by the Populo brand with the CLS-4000 model number. This Populo 4V Cordless electric screwdriver is mainly manufactured with the purpose of repairing and building tiny devices and tiny components of the devices.

The total weight of the product is 2.2 pounds whereas all dimensions of the product measure 7.28 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches with black and red in color which makes it an attractive-looking screwdriver. the pack contains 32 bits along with 1 extension holder, 2 HSS Hex drills, 8 sockets, 1 adapter, 1 Flex extension Hex Shaft, 1 power adaptor, 1 USB cable, 1 Toolbox, and 1 User manual.

It has equipped with a built-in LED light that has an automatic function of turning off if not being used for 30 seconds. The total speed of the screwdriver is per 300 RMP which is clearly a better option to use in place of a manual or ordinary screwdriver. The battery in the pack is not available but a Lithium-Ion battery is required in order to entertain yourself with the tools.

It has cordless convenience that enables you to work effortlessly and without being tired. This is no doubt genuine and comes in the category of best Electric Screwdriver for PC that you should not miss out on anyway.

5. XOOL Professional Kit Electric Screwdriver

XOOL Professional Kit Electric Screwdriver

XOOL is another known brand that manufactures good quality Screwdrivers. However, we have brought the best and most professional electric as well as magnetic screwdriver kit.

This Screwdriver kit is equipped with 58 S2 bits that are extremely helpful and convenient to use while building your PC up. Not only that but it also brings you additional accessories including Magnetizer, Spurger, electric screwdriver convertor, and ESD tweezers.

These accessories help you to build your PC as well as your mobiles and tablets as well. The body of this exceptional screwdriver is made up of metal with a total weight of 1.39 pounds whereas its dimensions measure 10.55 x 5.87 x 2.44 inches entirely with a Silver and Green appearance. This is the best suitable for professionals due to its heavy-duty.

This is manufactured in a way that enables you to have a strong drip and ergonomic handle for easy rotating and spinning of the pen. Its magnetization aids you to comfortably grip and hold on to the tiny as well as large screws tightly. The main and common head styles the box contains are Tri-Angle, Square, Pentalobe, Phillips, Hex, Tri-Point, and trox.

All these features and qualities of the electric cum magnetic screwdriver make it one of the best Electric Screwdriver for PC we suggest you buy it fearlessly as this one is a professionally genuine screwdriver kit to keep.

6. General Tools 500 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

General Tools 500 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This Precision Cordless Electric Screwdriver is powered by General Tools which has approximately six bits with quick-change chunk as well as easily operating features. The actual dimension of the product is 1.13 x 5.5 x 11/25 inches overall whereas it weighs only 0.048 ounces.

This comes in two colors that are black and grey with no light in this model. It is the fastest action electric screwdriver with a Super-torque drive with 100 RPM which is directly powered by its dual AAA alkaline batteries come within the pack. It has micro 4mm bits that are quick as easily changeable meanwhile, the 6 precision Bits are available in the pack which includes Phillips, number 0 and number 1, slotted 1/8 and 1.6 as well as Torque T5 and T6.

According to the experts, the screwdriver is highly convenient and easy to use with the toggle on a single slide switch to forward and reverse the screwdriver. It can easily hold in the hands due to its supportive grip and pen-like structure. Overall, this screwdriver is one of the best Electric Screwdriver for PC building with high-performance features and a strong build that gives you satisfying consequences after use.


In almost all of the houses, offices, companies, banks, hospitals and other institutes, the presence of PCs, Desktops, Laptops, and applicable electronic gadgets has been forced. These gadgets may sometimes have faults in them, they can be minor or major that have to be fixed within no time in order to continue working.

Therefore, it is important to have the most basic and compulsory kit which generously helps you to fix the issue on your own and that is Electric Screwdrivers. Though we have tried our best to present you the real and genuine electric screwdrivers after testing and analyzing their authenticity.

These electric screwdrivers have a feature of magnetic quality as well which makes them multiple-tasker with dual properties and durable. Hence, We have got you the best Screwdriver for PC building. These shortlisted screwdrivers are ranked as the most functional and practical in the performance of their duties as well as affordable in terms of their prices.

Thus, you are highly advised to rigorously acknowledge the guideline before you choose one for you as it is extremely important to buy wisely every time you make a purchase. Otherwise, there may have a chance of fetching up buying an invalid and incapable screwdriver. Hope this article has aided you with the solicited guide you were looking for.  


1. What should be the size of Screwdriver for PC building?

It is always better to choose a size from small to medium in you are looking for Building a PC. Generally, the screwdriver in the PCs are Philips Screws. Therefore, we need Philips small or medium-sized electric screwdriver. Rest, there’s no specific size but 4.5mm is must to have.

2. Is it safe to use an electric Screwdriver or magnetic screwdriver on PC?

Absolutely, it is safest to use an electric as well as a magnetic screwdriver in order to build your PC. The frequency is not enough that harm the PC in both of the screwdrivers. Still, it is important to work carefully. 

3. How worthy is it to use an electric Screwdriver?

It is obviously a worthy and important component while you are building your PC because it helps you to screw and unscrew the PC easily and without making many effort.

4. What kind of screwdriver are suitable for PC building?

Generally, both of the screwdrivers are found to be effective in performing the task skillfully. However, the users have voted more for the magnetic screwdriver rather than the electric one. There is a justification for the priority that magnetic are more useful and plays a helping hand while building a PC as it gets stuck due to its magnetic properties and doesn’t move far f4rom the target or may not fall kike the other.

5. What is the most common and best Screwdriver for PC building?

Phillips is the most common and best Electric Screwdriver for PC building because almost the PC are manufactured that support the number-2 Phillips screwdriver.

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