How Much Does A Tv Weigh? (Guide 2022)

How Much Does A Tv Weigh? (Guide 2022)

Television weighs differently as per their units and the sizes, they are being offered. In pounds, it weighs 32.4 pounds while in kilogram, it weighs 14.6kg along with the stand. The weight of television is directly proportional to its size.

While manufacturing the TVs, companies use various distinguish technologies and a number of materials have been used that may affect the weight of the TV. The old TVs which were manufactured previously were Plasma TV but now new design, style, and specifications are introduced in the market.

LCD or LED is lightly weighted as compared to a plasma TV. Mount of the TV is bought according to its weight which makes it easier where you should place it and in which position it would be better to keep things in balance.

Further, the size and weight increase side by side but the flat-screen TV doesn’t have that much weight. Although, it has a large screen size, the body rests with slim and sleek in shape. Therefore, in this article, we will review different TVs powered by different brands along with their size and appearance to analyze how much does a TV weigh?

Weight of TV in different Units

There are basically different units of measuring the weight of anything so as for the TV. We are going to cover three main and prominent units along with their properties here to make you better understand and aware that how much weight is ideal for a genuine TV.

TV weighs in lbs

LED as well as LCD TV along with their stand weigh from 32.4 lbs to 14.6 lbs while the weight of plasma TV is 35.3 lbs including its stand.

The quality of the TV is determined by the weight and the type of mount that fits with it. if the weight is 80 pounds, the single stud mount can be workup with it. The lightweight TV is just 40 pounds set better in drywall mounting but the weight should be equal to or less than 40 pounds.

A heavyweight TV needs to be packed and carried carefully you can take the help of anyone to move it safely while a single person can safely and comfortably carry

the lightweight TV just like modern TV that is LCD and LED.  Moreover, the weight depends upon the design of TV, the technology the manufacturer used.

TV weigh in KG

The average weight of modern TV like LED-LCD TVs is just 28.4kg including the stand while excluding the stand around 12.9kg whereas the plasma TV has 16kg. The system and size both play a key role in the weight of the TV.

As much as technologies are used in the TV, the weight will be increased. Furthermore, the size also contributes in the weight of the TV which is why the Large LED TVs weigh more than smaller ones. The recent flat-screen TVs have a large screen but the weight is less than normal as compared to Plasma TV and later to LCDs.

The choice of mount varies accordingly to weight as every stand has a different weight carrying abilities that need to be focused on while buying a mount /stand.

Weight OF TV in Gram

The last quantity to measure the weight of a TV is in grams. The weight of an LED TV is approximately 28, 400 grams along with the stand. While excluding the weight of the stand the Weight in grams will be 12,900 grams. However, the weight of the plasma TV is 16,000 grams.

TV weights as per their sizes

We have studied various types of TV available in the market currently and mentioned them here with their body cum screen size to perfectly analyze the ideal weight.

1. how much does a 42 inch tv weigh?

According to manufacturing schemes, the weight of a TV varies and the main thing that influences the weight is its type and genuineness whether it plasma TV or LED TV. 21lbs (9.5kg) is an average weight of 42 inch TV including its stand weight while excluding the stand, its average weight is 20lbs that’s why they are counted in lightweight TVs.

2. how much does a 50 inch tv weigh?

The 50 inch TV weighs 28Ibs to 55lbs while in kilograms 13 to 25kg while comparing the weight of the same size plasma TV and LED as well as LCD TV, the LED is less in weight, though the sizes are the same. The manufacturer uses different technologies and materials which contribute greatly in weight.

3. how much does a 55 inch tv weigh?

The weight of 55 inch TV is 36.4lbs and 16.5kg due to its design and technology, its weight is 36.4lbs.

4. how much does a 65 inch tv weigh?

Every manufacturer changes the weight of TV because Companies use different technologies and materials. So, if we talk about average weight, it is just 55 pounds and in kilogram 24.9kg along with the stand and 51 pounds (23.1) excluding stand.

5. how much does a 80 inch tv weigh?

The weight of 80 inch TV is 120 pounds and 54.4 KG, depending on the manufacturer and technology being used. An 80-inch LED LED TV is less in weight compared to an 80-inch plasma TV. The same manufacturer are also offering the larger screen till 85 inches.

Different TV brands and their weights

Plasma TV weigh

The screen size of plasma TV is larger and heavy because of a very thick heavy glass screen and its back case is just a very heavy metal that contributes in weight which is 70lbs and 31.8kg including stand 60 inches TV weight.

Flat screen TV weigh

The range of TV is from 25 pounds to 75 pounds and in kilogram 11.3kg to 34 kg. CRT predecessors of large size are heavier than modern flat screen television of same size which is about 80 percent lighter. Therefore, The weight simply depends upon the size and type.

Samsung TV weigh

The weight of 55 inch Samsung LED TV is approximately 36lbs (16.3) but the weight of Plasma TV is more than other Samsung TVs.

SONY Bravia TV weigh

The weight of Bravia LED TV is about 26.4 pounds whereas the weight in kilogram is 12 kg including stand. If we compare the weight of Sony Bravia TV and plasma TV of same size then the weight is little heavier.

Vizio TV weigh

The weight of Vizio LED TV in pounds is 25 pounds while in kilogram 11.3kg. when compared with plasma TV of same size, its weight is quiet less than plasma TV.

TCL TV weigh

In pounds, the TCL TV weight is 19 pounds and in kilogram, it is 8.6 kg which it is clearly lighter than TCL plasma TV.

Philips TV weigh

Philips 47-inch LCD weight 115 pounds and 52.1 kg.

OLED TV weigh

Along stand the 55-inch OLED TV has little more than 35lbs /15.8kg while without stand just 30lbs (13.6kg)

Different Brand TVs with their size and weight

We have enlisted a few famous and well-known branded TV that is Plasma, LED, and LCD along with their screen size and the weight in IBs and KG. We ask you to have a look at them too.

The chart of fewer models includes their weight in pounds and kg.

LG LG42PN4500(plasma)42 Inches40.6 pounds/18.4kg
Panasonic TC- L50E60(LED-LCD)50 Inches38.6pounds/17.5kg
Samsung PN60F8500(Plasma)60 inchesSharpLC90LE745U(LED-LCD)
Sony X750H(LED)55 inches53.9pounds/24.4kg
TCL 32S321 (LED)32 inches9.9pounds/4.5kg
Zizio D60F3 (LED)60 inches44pounds/19.9kg
UN43MU6300FXZA(LED)42.5 inches21.2pounds/9.6kg
Sony Bravia FW43BZ357(LCD)43 inches31.8pounds/14.4kg
TCL 43S425 (LED)43inches16.5pounds/7.5kg
LG LLG42LF560042inches20.9pounds/20.9kg
Sony KDL50EX645(LED)50 inches35pounds/15.8kg
TCL 50S425(LED)50 inches23.6pounds/10.7kg

Final Words

All around the world, a lot of new companies are introducing their products, especially TV in the market. The TVs differ in their types, kind, appearance, features, size and many other important aspects but with time, the advancement is bringing is portability and compatibility of the TV.

The time has gone by when heavier things were considered to be more efficient than the lighter ones. The TVs being introduced are lighter in weight but have more qualities and features. We have taken out some ideal weight of LED and LCD TV in comparison with Plasma. We hope this article would aid you with your queries.

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