How to Install AVG on Firestick (Easy Method)

How to Install AVG on Firestick (Easy Method)

People are more frequently searching for a free and authentic VPN for their devices, significantly those VPNs which are Anti-Virus software supportive.

Similarly one of those, AVG is the name among the most famous, trusted and reliable Anti-Virus Software and app which were introduced back in 2015 in the technology market, most probably for smartphones and other genuine devices. If we talk about AVG VPN, it is considered to be one of the top-leading VPNs in the race and is best suited with the Firestick but the question that arises here is exactly how to install AVG on firestick as users are highly conscious to know about the AVG on Firestick.

This is one of the most frequent questions that people search a lot but still failed to know the clear-cut answer. If you are one of those people, looking for a solution, this is your place. Today, we are going to cover the same subject of AVG on Firestick and basically how to install AVG on Firestick.


For your kind acknowledgement, AVG VPN is one of the best VPNs for smartphones and other correlated devices because AVG brings you the most accurate and admired features that are more than a standard VPN has. It gives you exclusive protection to your privacy while browsing on search engines with other related features and specifications thereto.

Features of AVG VPN on firestick

There are further few features that make the AVG VPN on firestick as the most trusted and genuine anti-virus VPN which makes users to use it. We will further elaborate on how to install AVG on Firestick.

Let’s explore the features mentioned below:

  1. The official servers of this AVG VPN are located and found to be standing in more than 50 different locations.
  2. A kill switch feature which is not specifically available on the standard VPN is supported in AVG VPN.
  3. It successfully uses military-grade highly secured encryption which simultaneously secures your data at the peak like a professional. 
  4. If you subscribe the AVG VPN only for a single time, it will enable you to use on five (05) different devices altogether.

Is it safe to use Free AVG VPN?

Users relatively are conscious about the authenticity of the free AVG VPN on Firestick, or if it is safe to install AVG on Firestick.

It provides protection and security to your data in your device while browsing as well as uses 256-bits AES encryption that honestly speaks a lot about its privacy features, very precisely.

We have got you the best way to know the answer is to use their seven (07) days trial period to test and entertain yourself with all the exclusive privacy and security it provides. We suggest it is safest.

How to install AVG on Firestick

It is an obvious fact which is now known by every user, connected to the field that the AVG VPN app is not available on the Amazon App store which is why you cannot simply download/install AVG VPN directly.

No worries as we have got you some exceptional ways to follow as a means to know comprehensively how to install AVG on Firestick.

For installing the AVG on Firestick, the best you can do is to choose a third-party installation app. A few third-party applications which can aid you to install AVG on firestick are;

1. Downloader App

One of the many ways to know how to install the AVG on Firestick is the Downloader App. Follow the complete guideline in a step-by-step form in order to pleasantly install AVG on Firestick:

  1. First of all, change settings on your Firestick by go to settings, find Fire TV  then developer options. Move to Apps from Unknown Resources and turn the settings on.
  2. Now, tap on the Lens icon, write Downloader and search it.  
  3. Click on the Downloader App from the list and tap on Download icon to download/install the app.
  4. Once the app is downloaded, click on open and launch the app.
  5. Further, in the Search, paste the link of AVG VPN and click on Go.
  6. It will download your VPN. Simply click on Install and then Done to complete the steps.
  7. Delete the AVG VPN apk file, in file choose and open the VPN app to continue using the AVG VPN on Firestick.

2. ES Explorer

Another way to install the AVG on Firestick is to use the ES Explorer. Follow the steps below to successfully install AVG with the ES Explorer.

  1. In the search option, type Title on the Firestick homepage.
  2. Search AVG VPN on Firestick and choose the desired app from the results.
  3. Tap on Get button to active ES Explorer for Firestick and launch the app later.
  4. Now, tap on Downloader from the home screen and choose the +New. After that. Enter the AVG VPN link in the field.
  5. Enter the name suggested and click on Download Now.
  6. After downloading, tap open File and install the AVG VPN on Firestick.
  7. Click on Install button when find the option and click Done when installed.
  8. You can now Open the app to activate.


In the conclusion, it is suggested that the ways and third-party installation applications are safest to use as it has been thoroughly tested and analyzed before presenting it to you. Therefore, you can feel free to apply one of these ways if you want to install the AVG on firestick as well as to know thoroughly about how to install the AVG on Firestick. You can get it free for a 7 days trail period to satisfy yourself. However, the monthly subscription charges are too less to subscribe. We have that the writing has got the desired results.


Q1. What are the other substitutes of AVG VPN?

  • You can use the following VPNs which are the best substitutes of AVG VPN including; KeepSolid VPN, Avast VPN and ZenMate VPN.

Q2. How to install AVG VPN on firestick directly?

  • For your information, it is suggested that you need to make third party installation in order to download or install the AVG VPN on firestick. There persists no other way to install the AVG VPN directly from the Amazon App Store. 

Q3. What’s the cost of AVG VPN on Firestick permonth?

  •  If you wish to subscribe the AVG VPN on Firestick, it doesn’t range costly but you can avail it for $4.99 per month which simultaneously offers you to use AVG VPN on five different devices.

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