Why OnlyFans not working on iPhone?

Why OnlyFans not working on iPhone?

Generally, it’s known by everyone that Iphones work differently as compared to Android phones. Every aspect is notably distinguished from those on other phones.

One of those aspects is regarding the Websites or most importantly streaming sites. One of those stream sites or you may say the app is Onlyfans. Many iPhone users complain about Onlyfans not working on iPhones.

There can be many reasons behind the problem. Therefore, this article is basically for those iPhone users who are tackling the issue mentioned herewith, along with the ways to solve the issue.

But before we get into the reasons and solutions, here we first need to have a basic knowledge to continue operating without any damage. Here the question arises what exactly Onlyfans is?

What is OnlyFans?

For your kind knowledge, onlyFans is a content subscription service that was introduced in 2016 by Britain’s Tech Entrepreneur and Investor Stokely.

This platform is basically an opportunity for content creators to offer their absolute content while the targeted audience would be paying the premium price.

They can also lock their content while only allowing that audience who are willing to pay for it as a monthly fee or vice versa.

It should be noted here that Onlyfans is getting popularity with the passing days and at the moment has more than 50 Million users registered on the App as well as approximately 2 Million Content Creators on the App.

OnlyFans for Content Creators

For specifically Content Creators, Onlyfans is a good opportunity as they are allowed to post different categories of content that are demanded by the audience.

They really don’t have many restrictions so that’s so favoring for them and enables them to post any kind of content they wish to.

Reasons why OnlyFans not working on iPhone

Substantially, there can be a lot of major and minor reasons for Onlyfans not working on the iPhone. 

Through proper research. We have found a few main reasons regarding the issue. The causes for the concerned issue are mentioned below

All the devices specifically those that have an internet connection, keep that data saved on a temporary basis which is known as Caches. 

Mostly, the caches are being used to keep the personalized data for an optimized experience. Together with that, onlyFans is also a web-based platform that needs a browser to run or function and totally depends on the browser.

In that case, when caches are already full and have no more space, no other website can run. Another thing related to the issuer is when the website is not optimized with cache data and that’s why it doesn’t run properly.

2. Incompatibility of a Location issue

Not all websites are too advanced to go compatible with all the time zones available on the globe. So, they cannot automatically choose the time as per your location.

This makes it an issue for your onlyFans to stop working as it should be. Onlyfans is a website that only works in the country it is familiar with. It will never run or work in those locations and countries with which it isn’t much familiar.

With that, iPhone is always so conscious of security systems. And the mutual activity of both ends up in the issue and onlyFans don’t work on the iPhone.

3. Connection Issue

Sometimes, we try a lot of things that we think can be a possible reason and require a quick fix for the issue, but in the end, it seems that the issue was way more minor than we think.

The same is the case here, it has a great possibility that onlyFans doesn’t work due to a poor internet connection.

The poor connection can be either directly from the server or due to an extraordinary load on your iPhone. So it’s better to unload the device to make it run effectively and check your internet connection.

Ways to Solve OnlyFans Issue

1. Resolving Browser Cache Issue:

Whenever you face this issue and onlyFans doesn’t work, try checking the Caches and clear it thoroughly to resolve your issue.

For that, follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below:

  • Open your Browser and find “settings” on your browser.
  • If you are using Chrome Browser, look at the top right and click on “click more”.
  • Now, click on “more tools” and find an option for Clear Browsing data.
  • See the time range mentioned in there and select” All Time”.
  • Clicking that option will thoroughly clear all your browsing data along with caches and passwords etc.
  • Once done, check if Onlyfans is working or not.

2. Resolving Location Incompatibility Issue:

If your issue doesn’t resolve by clearing your caches. After that, you need to try this guide in order to resolve this location compatibility issue.

For this purpose, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully so that the onlyFans start working on your iPhone:

  • Find “settings” on your Iphone and Click on it.
  • There, find “general settings” in settings and click over the option.
  • Now, find the “VPN” option. VPN actually allows you to utilize an IP address from another location for your concern.
  • Select “VPN Configuration” to employ your VPN settings.
  • Further, select the “type pf VPN” as per your need or your choice.
  • Enter here your VPN setting information required and choose the option whether “manual” or “automatic” Control.
  • Click done and that’s it.

Following these steps must fix your issue immediately. In case, your issue still remains unsolved, no worries. We have another possible solution to solve your Onlyfans issue.

3. Solving Slow/Poor Connection:

If you’re desired site is not working properly or stops working suddenly, then there must be an issue with your internet connection or a slow connection. To solve this issue quickly, check the steps mentioned herewith;

  • First of all, to touch up your recent apps, use the navigation bars.
  • Clear all the apps available in the recent apps because they are surely running in the background and slowing down the performance of your device.
  • Once cleared all the apps, install a booster from the Apple store.
  • Activate the booster and finish clearing the RAM entirely.

Once you complete all the steps, you will see the change in your device performance as well your issue regarding onlyFans will also be resolved till now.


In the end, we must say that we have researched a lot and find you out many feasible and attainable reasons for the issue aforementioned.

Accompanying the reasons, practicable and workable solutions are also being given for your comfort and thorough relief of the issue.

All the ways are properly checked and well-researched by the experts.

We really hope that this article helps you wholly with your concern and get your best results. In case of any query, you may contact us. We are always here to help you.

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