How To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

How To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

Whenever we go to buy a laptop, there are a few things we look for in the laptops, and the very first thing we consider while making a purchase is the screen size of the laptop. The screen size of the laptop must be bigger when you are getting it for work or study purposes.

Even if you are planning to buy a case for your laptop, you must need to know about the accurate screen size. Many people wonder about actually how to find out your laptop screen size without measuring. No worries, if you are also searching for the answer to this question.

In this article today, we are covering the topic of finding out the screen size perfectly without even taking measurements.

The techniques are extremely easy and quick and you can urgently kn0w about the actual screen size of your laptop by applying them. We really hope you read this guide thoroughly in order to get the best way of finding out.

What Is An Ideal Screen Size Of The Laptop?

Well, laptops are always proven to be portable and durable at the same time. Most of the laptops in the market have screen size from 15-inch to 17-inch screen size whereas compact laptops’ screen size falls from 11-inch to 14-inch.

Therefore, if you are finding a laptop for professional or academic use, we must suggest you to buy a laptop with a 15 or better 17-inch laptop. They are extraordinary and ideal for your effective use and quick delivery of tasks adequately. 

How Can We Measure The Screen Size?

Honestly, we can know about the perfect measurement of the screen by measuring it with the help of measuring tape. One thing you must keep in your mind is that you measure the screen size diagonally.

Another way we can quickly know about the screen size is by asking the professional or seller of the laptop. However, in case you do not want to try both of these options. You can substitutionally look for the specification of the laptop and search on the internet if available.

Ways To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

Through detailed research and deep analyses, we have found these ways for you in order to guide you so that you can measure your screen size without even measuring it.

All these ways mentioned below are the easiest and safest to try which will surely give you the accurate answer to your question within no time and without making much effort.

Though it is not difficult work to do at all, you only need some Know-How about the things to sort the things out. Let’s discuss the techniques of knowing the screen size of the laptop other than measuring:

1. Comparing With An Object:

An easy way to find out the screen size effectively without making any measurements is to compare your laptop with an object which can help you get the accuracy in the answer. To do that:

  • Take an object similar and as same size as the laptop screen
  • Take an A4 size paper (13 inches) and measure the screen size with the paper.
  • Check how large or small the paper is while guessing the size depending on the difference,
  • This will quickly give you an idea of the laptop screen size.

2. Search On The Internet:

You may check for the specs and accurate screen size of the laptop by searching about their laptop on the internet. This is a matter of within a few seconds and no effort at all. What you need to know is the name and model number of the laptop concerned.

  • Open the browser and type the name and model number of the laptop.
  • It would be better if you directly search it on the website of the manufacturer.
  • Click on the results and find the true screen size of the laptop.

3. Check Out The Specifications:

Every laptop has its own features and specification which are considered and checked by the people who wish to have a laptop. The specification clearly states all the significant details about the device including the screen size. This is basically the quickest way to find out screen size without measuring it.

  • Go to the “Settings” and click on “System”.
  • Find “Advanced Display Settings” and check for the screen size over there.

4. Know The Model Number:

All electronic gadgets have their own personal and unique model number, the same is the case with the laptop, and they individually hold a specific model number.

If you are a computer person, you may easily determine the actu8al screen size of the laptop without measurements. As the model number starts with the letters, right after the letter, you can see a number which is an indication of your careen size.

A laptop has a model number S291HL, the number 2 after the letter is the indicating number of your laptop screen size of 20-inch. You can assume the inches that way.

5. Manual Of The Laptop:

Electronic gadgets have their own manual in the box with the laptops. If you do want to know about the screen size of your laptop without measuring it, you can simply open the manual and find the specs regarding the screen. This will let you know the exact screen size of your laptop.

  • Take out the manual and open it.
  • Find your required specifications.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we must say that measuring the laptop’s screen size is not difficult at all. You may spend a few minutes to get the actual screen size. Therefore, we have got you the best ways to find out your laptop screen size without measuring it but trying effective ways out carefully. Further, we would highly suggest you to consider other important specs too before making a purchase and buying a case.  Hope this article has aided you with your queries in regards to the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we find out the screen size from the backside of the laptop?

Yes, there are most of the laptops available in the market which mention all the specifications and details about the laptop on the back side (bottom) of the laptop including screen size.

What other things should be considered in the best laptop except for screen size?

With the screen size, you should consider the screen resolution, pixel, height, width, build, contrast ratio, nits, and accuracy of black and white together with the refresh rate.

Can we quickly measure the laptop screen size?

Simply, compare your laptop screen with an object to guess the screen size or ask any professional to let yourself know about the laptop screen size.

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