How To Convert Work Laptop To Personal (15 Easy Ways)

How To Convert Work Laptop To Personal (15 Easy Ways)

Working in a company may lead you to multiple duties with different types of material, from performing tasks to securing the data of the company.

Laptops are genuinely designed to keep your data private and secure, denying unauthorized access of the third party and allowing you to use the laptop for any personal task and activity but when we talk about the work laptops, they basically have assorted security protections set down to guarantee that the information related to the company stays in the company only.

On the verge of working for a company, you are firstly required to hinder all your private and personal assertions on our phone and PC to avoid any unapproved access which obviously means that using a work laptop for personal usage can be unsafe as well as prone to breach your personal security, data and locks.

If you are about to resign from the company and conscious about the restrictions on the laptop together with the secure use of your device. Luckily there are a number of quick fixes to your concern and this article is a good read for you as a guide to modify your work laptop and convert it to your personal one.

Here are few ways to convert your work laptop into your personal laptop.

Since there are numerous methods but the easiest one is to delete all the data and information and retrograde to factory reset. In spite of that, the following are additional methods to convert the laptop from work to personal use.

1. Re-Installing Windows

Undoubtedly, the first and easiest way is resetting a factory. There’s always a fear of data being locked and the inability to get administrations. At that point, you have a better option to format your laptop to get rid of all the protection programs and other software installed by the company, crashing all the previous data and information.

Undoubtedly, the first and easiest way is resetting a factory. There’s always a fear of data being locked and the inability to get administrations. At that point, you have a better option to format your laptop to get rid of all the protection programs and other software installed by the company, crashing all the previous data and information.

Re-installing the windows will instantly wipe all the past data out. The data will be entirely erased and the laptop will become new and fresh.

For that just move to the main menu, in setting click on update and security and then recovery, there click on Reset this PC, get started, remove everything, confirm Reset, proceed, finish and lastly restart your PC.

This will completely flash your computer, removing all the installed programs and software.

2. Disable Windows Defender

Windows originally have its personal pre-installed windows defender program, however, companies for better security set the dominant and compelling anti-virus software to clinch the first-class security which obviously consumes a big part of your RAM, making your laptop work slowly.

You need to go to Main menu, setting, Apps, apps and features, select the app to remove, uninstall and restart your PC.

When you convert your laptop to your personal use, you really don’t need the most powerful anti-virus software but the window defender would be enough.

Hence, uninstalling heavy anti-virus software by the company is one of the best methods to convert your laptop for your personal usage.

3. Use DiskCryptor To Encrypt Data

Using Laptops at home is generally meant that the laptop will be used by the members of the family and friends sometimes. Therefore, it is likely your data is insecure and can be misplaced.

But there’s a solution of course as everybody knows in the field that the most amazing and genuine file encryption program is DiskCryptor, a free and open-source program that helps you to secure your official files by encrypting them while making them inaccessible for your family and friends without any bona fide authorization. It’s the best way to secure your data preventing others to use it.

4. Disable Windows Firewall

If you are working on a laptop that is being used by multiple users and that can be accessed by anyone, a-few programs are designed to detect them and recommend stopping using that source.

Principally, Companies apply many considerable security moves in the work laptops to shield the highly sensitive and critically tactful data and information, Window Firewall is one of those programs which aids the prevention of online scammers and crackers from accessing the data.

If you are using the laptop for your personal use, you should simply disable such security moves and prevent the system from being hacked.

5. Portable Applications

Another effective solution to use your work laptop as your personal one is to use portable applications. All you need to execute is saving the portable version of your desired software in a pen drive or storage attached and utilizing it directly whenever in need as well as logical act to keep all the data in a place, avoid being scattered in places.

You can do it even if you are using your laptop for work.  Using a portable application is an incredible way to try with your work laptop for personal use.

6. Disbale Windows Updates

Windows time to time provides updates because, with each update, it brings some new security reinforcement to essentially keep your work laptop run secure which might be important to do on the spot. Once, you leave the company and keep your laptop for your personal use, the updates don’t really feel worthy or compulsory subsequently.

For that reason, disabling windows updates is surely a good idea which gives you the benefits of saving time as well as the authority to update windows any time you want.

So, the conversion can also be done by disabling the windows updates.

7. Virtual Machines

Using Virtual machines is another constructive technique to use your work laptop as your personal one. If you wish to keep your files and data even after leaving work, then applying security steps such as virtual machines is paramount.

It is unquestionably the finest strategy as it enables a separate work version on the same operating system.  What you need to do is simply install any software of virtual machine like VirtualBox a free virtual machine and create a version of the OS of your choice.

Once, you are done creating a different version or environment, you can safely use your office laptop without changing the work setup and getting access to all the required data.

8. Bitlocker To Secure Data

BitLocker is a substitute security characteristic in windows that encysts the whole division on your hard drive.

It generally helps lessen authorized data on stolen or lost laptops but it’s another way to convert your work laptop to your personal one effectively as it encrypts all user files and system files on an operating system drive.

Just right-click on the drive and select which file you want to encrypt then select Turn on BitLocker.

This will instantly allow you to use your laptop for a personal task. Additionally, in case of the drive being corrupted or theft, you have an option to use a USB drive to store recovery keys.

9. Steganography Software

A strong software named Steganography can be applied to secure and hide all your personal stuff in a locker with a password because the files are secured by password with the steganography app, nobody would be able to access the files if he tries without entering the password.

Steganography is recommended for a reason that no other app offers password-protect to your files which obviously means that anybody would be able to access your personal files on your work laptop.

So using this App is a better solution to convert your office laptop into your personal one.

10. Cached Data On Personal Laptop

Cache is the temporary memory and a chip-based feature in your laptop that allows you to access some of your information quickly. When working on a work laptop, you should carry on with installing third-party apps on your personal laptop whenever required.

When you are at work, you can use those apps for official work but close that app in native means when getting back home.

This way you can swiftly have that app launched as it’s so far cached on your personal laptop. This is another potent way to convert your work laptop to personal and vice versa.

11. Creating Separate User Account

One more Productive way to convert your office laptop to your personal laptop is by creating a separate user account on your laptop.

Although it’s not substantially requisite, you can use that account when you are about to carry out some personal tasks where security and privacy are mandatory.

You can switch between the official account and personal accounts whenever necessary along with keeping all your data secured and inaccessible by employers and others while your personal activities and data will be hidden and immovable.

12. Quick Boot Updater To Disable Fast Startup

Almost all the companies install a property named Fast Startup on the work laptops which grants to quick boot the system.

Disabling the quick boot-up feature can save your time to switch between a work laptop and a personal laptop in case you are using the same computer for dual purposes.

Disabling the boot-up system can also shield your information regarding account switching as the fast startup programs are designed to alert and notify such switching to the authorized party.

So, to keep yourself away from such issues, disable the Quick boot updater to disable the fast startup program if you wish to convert your work laptop as your personal one.

13. Changing Work Profile To A Guest Mode

Making work profiles on the company’s laptops is a kind of trend currently. The IT managers keep their eyes on the user monitoring all his activities.

In such circumstances, if you really want to use the laptop for personal use, you can effortlessly bypass the monitoring by only changing the work profile to guest mode.

Precisely, first, go to the installation directory of the Guest mode account and delete the content. After that, install a virtual machine for windows on the account and configure it as a guest account.

In this way, your work laptop will easily be converted to your personal one anytime.

14. Vpn Connection For Online Banking/shopping

Although, it’s the simplest and easiest method to bypass monitoring of IT managers that works to produce desired results easily as well as effectively.

Selecting and using a quality VPN will aid you to bring about all the activities online without leaving any evidence.

Generally, using VPN makes you an anonymous user and unofficially license you to surf the internet. That being the case, you can adequately do all your private online activities such as login information, banking and shopping by bypassing the monitoring. 

15. Browse With Incognito Mode

An excellent and impartial way you should try to use your work laptop as your personal one is browsing in incognito mode.

Thus, nobody else on the same laptop will be able to see your browsing history, browsing of personal documents or visiting on any website will be untraceable by the users as it doesn’t really keep any history so searches remain safe and secure.

To do this, open Brower and turn on private browsing mode/incognito mode. Once done, open up a private window. It is an overriding way to keep using the same laptop for dual usage. 


In conclusion of this informative article, you will learn these 15 effective mechanisms with the subsequent aim, the simplest and the quick ones providing genuine and legal solutions that will surely guide you to convert your work laptop to your personal laptop.

Yet, a little of them will expect you to bring an outside application as well but most will finish without them. Following any one of them will instantly help you with the conversions.

After that, you will be able to safely use your laptop for personal activities with login information and none of the employers would discover what you are doing on your laptop.

Now, no worries if you plan to convert your work laptop to your personal work or have an urgent need to use the laptop personally. You are free to adopt the better method of your choice mentioned above to make use of the laptop dually.

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