How To Make A Stolen Laptop Untraceable

How To Make A Stolen Laptop Untraceable

Unquestionably, we all are really well aware of the fact that thousands of laptops and other electronic gadgets especially Smart Phones are being stolen every day.

People who prefer to use second-hand laptops for personal or office use often unknowingly end up buying a stolen laptop.

As they do not intend to be in such a situation but unfortunately do. In these circumstances, people only think about getting out of the problem and more importantly, avoid being part of such a mess specifically regarding being behind the bars.

On the other hand, people are conscious of the money they spent while paying the cost of the laptop.  At this point, all the victims try hard to find a way out and keep themselves safe from any such chaos.

We understand your fear and present this article as a guide for you that you are looking for with respect to cover your question concerning How to make a stolen laptop untraceable.

Yes, you heard it right, this article mainly contains all the possible ways to make your stolen laptop untraceable.

This article not only covers the ways to make your stolen laptop untraceable as well as quick and easy methods to deal with the issue ideal along with step by step guide for each way.

We assure you will definitely find your desired consequence after carefully reading and applying it.

How Can A Stolen Laptop Be Traced?

With the ongoing rapid advancement in technology, it seems highly possible that the devices and gadgets can be traced easily if lost or stolen.

There are numerous ways that actually help you get away to reach and at least find the location of the laptop. Different Apps have been introduced in the market that accurately trace and locate your electronic gadgets.

Apps like “Find my Device” and “Find my Mac” in windows 10 have been proven to be adequate in order to tracing lost or stolen laptops.

Despite them, There are other ways to trace the laptop i.e. Trace the IP address using Gmail and Dropbox.

How To Make Your Stolen Laptop Untraceable

To be precise, either purposely due to inexpensive or unconsciously, No matter how did you buy a stolen or snatch laptop.

That’s not really our concern, what actually is to catch sight of ways by which we can keep ourselves in a safer zone while staying intact.

There are a number of ways that can assist you to make your gadgets not to be found. All these ways are tried and proved to be effective in order to get the desired results.

So, let’s get into them as follow;

1. Install a new Operating System

Installing a new operating system again on your laptop can be another sneaky way to achieve the goal of making your stolen laptop untraceable.

What reinstallation of the operating system do is stop GPS from working which automatically ends up making the gadgets untraceable and gives you satisfaction and gets rid of unnecessary fear.

You are only required to back up your current operating system, locate system specs and download the operating system, make the Operating system installer run, and here you need to follow the step-by-step instructions that appear on your screen.

2. Impair Anti-Theft System

The smartest way to keep your laptop safe and untraceable is to turn off/switch off your Anti-Theft System.

Though, this way is not easy as a piece of cake but tricky. However, following the instruction, you can impair your Anti-theft system and make your stolen laptop untraceable in any way.

This method needs extra care and attention as it involves actions of internal parts like motherboard and BIOS etc.

Simply, bring your motherboard jumper into work and reset it using BOIS, remove the networking chip and the battery of BOIS, let it stay for a few minutes. Now place everything again.

This is a little risky but effective way to avoid your laptop being traced.

3. Change the IP Address

Definitely, changing your IP address can give you permanent relief from being caught in the worst mean because plainly following the steps mentioned below can be a helping hand in making your stolen laptop untraceable.

This is neither complex nor time taking. Thus, you need to do is go to the browser, click on “Tools”, Select Internet Option and click on the Connections button.

After that, fin LAN Settings, now select “use a proxy server for LAN”, type privacy proxy server your new IP address in there. Now, Put the number in the Port box and click ok.

Finally, here your IP address will be changed.

4. Keep A Unique Password

The easiest and quickest way to keep your stolen laptop in the safe zone and block the way for it to be traced by any administrator, legal entities and even hackers to trace your stolen laptop is simply changing your password to the stronger one.

Aiming to make your password strongest, you need to be focused on the mentioned tips that are using at least 20 characters, characters must have symbols and numbers, should be capital and small, no relation with personal information, no sharing and switching of your passwords.

If you create a password following the tips, believe it would make your laptop untraceable.

5. Turn on Bolted Screen Saver

We all are really well aware of the Bolted Screen Saver, and yes, using a bolted screen saver can be a helpful way to make your stolen laptop untraceable.

This is another simplest and uncomplicated way to keep you safe from such problems. Therefore, just follow the quick instruction mentioned here.

On your desktop,

Click the right side of the mouse, select the “personalize/Customize” option, click “Lockscreen”, drag down and choose “Screen Saver Settings”, Click “Display Logon Screen” and finally select your desired Screen saver.

6. Encrypt Keystrokes

If you want to make your stolen laptop untraceable, we strongly suggest you encrypt your Keystrokes because the laptop has keys to Lumberjack, and the hackers or the authorized agents of the government who works in the department know the logger which contains data of the user including IP addresses, etc.

In order to stay safe from any such problems, it’s always better to encrypt your keystrokes so that none can hack your IP address and steal your personal data.

For that, use software like KeyScrambler Software that helps you encrypt your keystrokes. 

7. Remove Computrace

We all know that Computrace located in PCs’ motherboards are responsible to send GPS signals unaccompanied from the PCs.

It will not be unjust if we say that it is Computrace that helps agents and authorities even hackers to the knowledge and location of the stolen and lost devices.

No doubt, that Computrace is an Anti-theft system too but needs a subscription. To disable it, you are advised to go to BOIS and turn the Computrace feature off.

This will permanently block it. It’s now time to disable the Anti-theft system. Your laptop is successfully managed to stay untraceable.

Final Verdict

In the long run, we have taken out the most guarded and undemanding ways to applicants intending to make your stolen laptop untraceable in no time and with no bizarre efforts.

All these ways are simultaneously tried before suggesting you as our end goal is the satisfaction of our readers while serving them to obtain their appealed consequences.

We acknowledge your fear of being caught that you have without even committing any offense and staying with the fear for no reason.

Besides, you further want not to waste the money you earned by working hard. Therefore, this article is an unusual solution to get rid of the unreasonable fear and safe use of your stolen laptop.

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