How To Freeze Camera On Zoom (Guide For Mobile & Computer)

How To Freeze Camera On Zoom (Guide For Mobile & Computer)

With the Zoom app, you can now freeze your camera on zoom, allowing you to take any picture and then zoom into it after the fact.

While this feature has been available on mobile devices since the app’s launch, that function only became available for PC users in version 2.6 of the Zoom software package.

To find out how to freeze your camera on zoom, just follow these simple steps in both PC and mobile Zoom versions.

Freeze Your Camera on Zoom Using a computer

Freeze Your Camera on Zoom on a computer can be done quite easily, it’s just not as obvious.

Freeze Your Camera on Zoom to a USB storage device is good for backing up your photos. Take note of all cameras that are connected with Freeze Your Camera on the zoom app. 

Freeze your camera by zooming in or zooming out. You will notice all cameras moving a little bit, freezing them too.

Freeze your camera on zoom using a computer by following these simple steps. 

Step 1: Make A Video /Take A Picture of Yourself

First, make a video or take a picture of yourself. Next, go to your favorite messaging app and start a conversation with one of your friends. Once you’re in a chat, send them your video/picture as an attachment.

Make sure to select video instead of photo when sending it. This will ensure that you can freeze your camera on zoom. Also, keep in mind that using videos is more fun than photos because you get to see what people are saying during the frozen time. 

Step 2: Sign in To the Zoom Using a computer

After logging in with a username and password, it should take you to a page that shows your camera’s feed and any previous recordings. For these instructions, we will be using an Android phone.

However, these instructions can be applied to PCs. After opening up your computer’s web browser, choose Sign in in Zoom’s drop-down menu (you may have to refresh your browser). 

Step 3: Go to Settings

The first thing to do is go to the settings option. You will find it on the upper right side. You should be able to find it in your Zoom app itself if you go to the top-right corner of your screen. If not, then simply search for the Zoom app in your device’s search bar and select it from there.

Once you are inside, click on Privacy which can be found under General, and then click on Camera Permissions. There, you will see a list of apps that have access to your camera and microphone. Select Zoom from that list and turn off access to both.

Step 4: Select Background & Filter

Taking better pictures usually means putting in a little effort to get creative.

That said, it’s not too difficult. Getting your camera to capture light and colors as they appear naturally is most people’s main photography problem.

Fortunately, you don’t need much more than patience, an eye for detail, and just a couple of special tools to get your camera working at its best: 

  • Set up artificial lighting (studio lamps, flashlights, or even nothing but daylight) to provide even illumination for each shot; 
  • Be aware of how colors change under different lighting conditions; 
  • Take some time to master various settings like aperture, ISO, and white balance. 

Step 5: Tap Virtual Background in Zoom App

In some cases, a fake or blurred background isn’t enough. The action might not be taking place in front of an adequate background.

You might want to delete your existing background and create a new one. This is where virtual backgrounds come in handy.

They allow you to add any background you like, including skies with clouds, mountains, and even beaches.

All you have to do is find an image that works for you online and upload it into your camera on the zoom app. If you don’t like what you see when looking through your viewfinder, simply tap Virtual Background.

Step 6: Choose Add Video/ Add Picture

If you are using an Android mobile device, you can use Mobilizer to capture video in zoom. Just point and click your phone camera, then preview on your screen to freeze videos at a certain frame.

Or if you have a Windows or iOS device, simply download the Camera on Zoom app and follow its easy step-by-step guide to freeze videos on your computer.

The best thing about freezing videos is that they are small in size compared to normal video files because they lack frames and look much clearer when viewed at full speed.

Step 7: Now Open the File

Now, Open the Camera on the Zoom app. You can see it is on the background list. Now let’s start recording the video and get the result.

After finishing the record, you can click on the save to library button, and then you will have an MP4 file. If you want to share your video with your friends, just upload it to YouTube or Facebook for sharing. 

How To Freeze Video in Zoom with Mobile?

If you are a mobile phone user, you will find the process a bit different. You will have to download the Camera on Zoom app from the Google Play Store.

If you have iOS, you can find it on iTunes. The rest of the steps are pretty much the same regardless of what device you are using.

Just follow them carefully and make sure that your camera is working fine before you start trying these Steps:

Step 1: Take A Picture of Yourself

You will use your camera on the zoom app to take a picture of yourself. Make sure that you can see your face and mouth to avoid confusion.

Take a selfie using your camera on the zoom app, or have someone else snap it for you.

If you are not able to find someone willing to help, then make sure that you have enough lighting so that there is no question about what it is when they freeze it. Be sure to hold still while taking your photo so that it does not come out blurry.

Step 2: Start A Meeting

Use Zoom to host a meeting that can involve your co-founders, as well as anyone else who will be working on your team.

Use Doodle or another scheduling tool to figure out when everyone is available. If you need to find more people to build a complete team, do so.

Again, try not to get carried away with who you include; for now, just make sure that you have enough people who are committed and excited about helping you build your business.

Step 3: Select More in Zoom App

When you enter the meeting interface, look at the right lower select the three dots, a menu will appear.

Click on More and then you see the more option in this zoom app like open camera and freeze this camera.

This option is available for both mobile and desktop versions of Zoom.

Step 4: Open Camera

If you’re using a phone, you can open the Camera to freeze your camera on zoom.

For mobile, if your device supports the split-screen option it’s a great deal, then. It allows you to switch from Camera to Camera on Zoom while keeping one-half of your screen frozen.

This is how you do it: While running Camera on Zoom, press and hold on any camera icon to see a new menu.

Tap or click on Create Viewer > Create Left Side Viewer or create Right Side Viewer depending on where you want your camera frozen.

Done! Now it’s easy for you to take selfies with friends using only one hand.


Freezing your camera during a zoom is a great way to take professional-looking action shots.

Freezing means taking multiple photos very quickly to capture motion in each frame of your shot, and then choosing which one has the best composition. If you’re new to photography.

It might seem hard but it’s quite easy once you understand how freezing works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I freeze my screen on Zoom?

Yes, you can freeze the camera on Zoom by using the virtual background feature in the Camera on Zoom app. First, go to settings and select the virtual background. Next, you will have access to various backgrounds, which you can choose from by clicking on them.

Once you have chosen your background, click preview to check out how it looks. If everything is set up correctly, the screen should look frozen when trying to scroll through your feed.

How do you fake a frozen screen on Zoom?

If you’re currently in a Zoom call, and you need to stop the action so you can step away, here’s how to fake a frozen screen on Zoom.

First, while you are still connected and the other person is on mute (you can tell because of the mute icon next to their name), press the virtual background button on your screen.

You will see a little icon that looks like a white square with an arrow going out of it.

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