How To Curve Text In Pages (3 Easy Methods)

How To Curve Text In Pages (3 Easy Methods)

People usually use curve text especially in their logos to make it a bit more stylish and elegant. Most of the schools have their monogram round and have curved text around it that ultimately makes it quite attractive.

Correspondingly, people wish to have curved text on pages without making any external application or software to write them. Therefore, they commonly question asking about How to curve Text in pages.

We would say that it is not difficult at all but have simultaneously distinguished methods to curve your text in pages.

Thus, in this article, our topic for today’s discussion is How to curve Text in pages with all the tips and tricks beneficent to know.

Why do people like to curve their text in pages?

People keep looking for the ways to learn about How to curve Text in pages by themselves. There are no doubt a lot of options out there which help you to know and learn about curving the text in pages.

The question raises here is actually why people like to curve the text instead of having a plain style of a text.

The answer is sometimes, the logos and identity signs are generally made in a curved way in which the circle has the short form of the abbreviations that is the name of that particular institute.

However, the outer round circle has the text on the top which is slightly curved that can be perceived by any viewer. On the other hand, people do it purposely to have a stylish and cultivated way to present their logos. Therefore, it totally depends on why people conventionally want to have curved text.

What are the benefits of curve text in pages?

If we discuss the benefits of knowing about How to curve Text in pages, there are uncountable minor advantages but a few of them are; that it allows you to have an immediate effect that grabs reader attention when used as a title of your writings; that you document or writing become ultimately attractive after curving the text in pages; that it makes your logo different and unique among others.

Your page layout becomes more affecting and interesting with the curved text in pages as well as it highlights and makes the information in text prominent.

Further, when the curved text is presented with the pictures, it gives a beautiful and charming view and look of the page.

How to curve Text in pages?

Though, curving text is not an easy task to perform at all, our ways in the answer about How to curve Text in pages are highly genuine and practical to use by any unprofessional and professional person.

What you are only required is to put proper concentrations to details and guidelines provided here for you to know to curve the text in different pages of your electronic devices.

Without wasting any time, let’s get to know about these basic ways of curving the text on different platforms.

1. Text format option

The most useful way of curving the text in pages is using the Text format option which has been found to be helpful and obliging in that manner.

Follow the step by step guide below to perform your task.

  • Open and check the “pages”. Once there, you may see different options on the top.
  • Once you have opened the “pages”, select “insert” and look for the desired option that is “text style” among others.
  • Now, select “Word Art” option to add reflection. It’s time to add your “Text” in the box.
  • Once you are done with the text, select the “Shape Format”. Choose your desired option which is “curve text shape” and continue.
  • The text effect will be shown there, select your desired options. Here you will see “Transform” option to choose your curving style. Choose “circular” to create a curve style in pages.
  • Choose and fixed the size of the curved text as per your need or wish along with font and settings of width and length.
  • Finalize your chosen options and have your curved text in pages ready as per your wish.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

You can try this way to curve your text with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint in the solution of How to curve Text in pages. As same as the baseline shift way, this is another easiest and quickest way to do so. Follow the steps below to act accordingly and beneficial results.

  • Open the Shape Format option and find “Text Style”.
  • Add your text and choose the option of “Text Curving”.
  • Now copy the curved text and paste it into the pages.
  • This will have you the best consequences and immediate curved effect of the text.

3. Baseline shift on pages:

Another way of How to curve Text in pages is possible with setting the baseline in the shape of the curve as well as the arch in order to have a curved text effect. It isn’t much long or lengthy way to curve the text but quite quick and easy.

Check the instruction below to do that by setting your baseline with the baseline shift option.

  • Check the baseline to set by utilizing the “baseline shift” option.
  • Make sure to add the text before applying the option which will immediately curved or arched the text.
  • Finally, your text will be curved in the pages by this quickest way. 

How to curve Text with Apps?

Other than them, there are a number of other ways in which we can know about How to curve Text in pages that is using applications.

With time, there are a few applications that are made for curving the text includes Google Docs, Photoshop, pages as well as online software and applications that gives you curved text effect.


In conclusion, we must say that people have found a new trend of curving text in pages that can be done with the help of many ways available, and safe to follow.

You will learn about How to Curve Text in pages after reading this article carefully and following them as they are stated because they are examined and tried before presenting.

We really hope our articles help you a lot with your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to curve a word in pages?

It is simple to know about curving the word. You have to open the platform where you plan to curve the word. Type each letter separately and have different boxes for each letter. Now, keep holding the shift key when clicking on a letter separately. Click on “Group” and click on the grouped text. Finally, click on “Insert” and then Shape that is “oval”. Sketch the “oval” over the grouped letters. 

How to curve Text in pages?

There are a number of ways to curve the text in pages that are mentioned above for you as a guideline in order to get the desired results.

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