How To Reset Onn Tablet – Quick Guide

How To Reset Onn Tablet – Quick Guide

Tablets are bigger than smartphones while proving to be more compatible as well as practical nowadays. Therefore, the brands and companies are introducing their tablets in the markets all over the world.

Likewise, Onn Tablet is one of those brands which is particularly owned by Walmart which manufactures the most affordable and genuine tablets with huge features and ultimate specs, simultaneously performing excellently when functioning.

Here, many people who newly started using the ONN tablet may complain about being unaware of resetting the tablet. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with a guideline on How to reset ONN tablet and the easiest way to fix the issue.

What does resetting an ONN tablet mean?

Resetting the device is basically formatting the device due to which all the data permanently wiped off and removed can never be recovered. Similarly, resetting your ONN tablet the refreshing the whole system with the newly installed operating system feels like a new device getting started for the first time. You will be able to install the new apps as per your choice with no previous data or information left in the ONN tablet.

How to reset an ONN tablet?

Generally, the tablet does have its own comprehensive guideline in the settings of the Tablet but we have got you’re the multiple straightforward and quickest ways to do that. Commonly, we have a few ways to reset the ONN tablet with or without making any adaptation and involvement to the tablet which you need to be carefully understood before applying it. Resetting your tablet directly means the removal of all the data forever.

So it is better to save and store your important files in a separate place or on another device before you start resetting the device.

1. Resetting ONN tablet without password

In case you do not have a password of your ONN tablet while you have a lot of important data stored in there, you are required to perform a hard reset and for that purpose, follow the instructions mentioned below to clearly reset your tablet without your password;

  1. Turn off your ONN tablet before resetting it.
  2. Press and hold the power button simultaneously with the volume up button.
  3. Keep holding on to the buttons until Android System recovery appears on the screen.
  4. Choose the factory reset option by pressing the power button.
  5. Confirm once again with the same power button.

Thus, the resetting of your ONN tablet will start over here. Once done and the process ends on the screen, try turning on the tablet again. Overall, this is the most common and quickest way to reset your tablet but you can try another if you failed to have any effects with this one.

2. Resetting ONN tablet with Keyboard

The previous way is totally independent and doesn’t need any adaptation or interference of the third device whereas you can also reset your ONN tablet with the help of the keyboard. If you wonder how to reset ONN tablet with a keyboard, there you go;

  1. First of all, look in to your device settings and find APPS.
  2. After that, look for the leeboard option. As soon as you find it, disable it immediately.
  3. After a few seconds, enable it once again to resetting connectivity with the device.
  4. Now, start your process to factory reset. Turn your tablet off.
  5. When it’s perfectly off, press and hold the ESC button on the keyboard.
  6. Keep holding until the tablet itself gets turn on.
  7. Now, you will find a factory reset option and select it.

Here, your tablet will start resetting and once done, try restarting the ONN tablet and set it as you want.  It is impossible that the first way fails but in case it gets so, you can try this one. However, if you are still unable to reset your device, we have another way for you to check out.

3. Resetting ONN tablet without a Google account

A google account is mandatory for your tablet for your own privacy and security settings because it alerts you and prevents others to interrupt in your accounts and device.

You can also reset your ONN tablet without making any access to the Google account. The only side effect of this way id that once you reset your device without any access to google account, you will surely not be able to use the tablet ever again. If you really want to use it, you have to fill in the password. So coordinately, you have to focus on google account and the factory resetting together.

  1. The only way to reset your ONN tablet without the Google account is to use third party apps which may cost you and you have to pay anyways.
  2. Otherwise, you can login to your google account frim your laptop and reset the password on your google account. So that you can safely reset the tablet and continue to use it later as well.
  3. Once you are done with it, reset the tablet as we have done it in the previous two ways and enjoy your tablet as new.


Resetting the device is never a difficult or impossible task to perform. In fact, all the gadgets do have quite a similar ways to reset them.

However, this ONN tablet has a number of ways in order to get reset. No wo0rries, even if that’s the case as we have provided you with the detailed guideline of all the ways thoroughly for your convenience. Technically, you need to read and try them carefully. Hope to see you next time.

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