Best Windows Tablet Under $300 (2023 Picks)

Best Windows Tablet Under $300 (2023 Picks)

We commonly have an idea set into our minds that the tablets come with an android or iOS operating system, very few think about the Windows tablets introduced in the markets and are still available for you to buy and make use of.

What is interesting about the window tablets is that it offers you ultimate features with an exceptional feature of installing android apps into the window tablet while using software that supports such installation. We today decided to provide you with a guideline that enables you to have a look at the best windows tablet under $300 that are generally legitimate and unalloyed window tablets among the vast variety.

No worries if you think that you cannot find a reliable Windows tablet within the price range. We are definitely here you help you with your queries regarding tech. moreover, In case you are looking for an authentic window tablet with a budget-friendly price and no compromise on the specification, you are in the right place as we are going to cover the top window tablets within the range.

For that reason, our experts conducted a thorough study on the tablets under $300 and concluded with the window tablets mentioned below in this article.

Are Tablets under $300 worth buying?

Fortunately, yes you can have a worthy purchase of a window tablet under $300 which must be eligible to bring off standards fixed by you in your tablet. What you basically need is to have a comprehensive and elaborated study on the tablets available in the markets. Just keep all the points and specifications you want in your mind and search for them.

For your convenience, we have provided you with the shortlisted window tablets which have proven to be genuine ones. The list is made after exhaustive testing and analysis of the below-mentioned tablets. This is possible to buy a genuine device if you try to find one. Despite the fact, that if you do not make any effort to find a good tablet, you cannot find an authentic one, consequently, end up buying a less worthy tablet.

What Should You Suppose To Get In A Fixed Budget?

Well, when we are looking for a Windows tablet within a limited budget, you are highly advised to do detailed research and have knowledge about the tablet before making a purchase. Despite having so many devices, people still get scammed by the seller who fraudulently sells their devices at a high price with less genuineness. 

In this budget, no doubt you can find and enjoy having perfect window tablets with all the necessary features. You can easily have a wide diagonal and incredibly large display with clear visuals and sharp visibility. Along with the big screen size, you may also enjoy the bright and high screen resolution, lengthy battery life with quick charging capacity.

Other than that, the fastest and most powerful processor for multi-tasking and fast progress, and high-quality graphics due to its authentic and huge GPU. Additionally, you can have the best quality build window tablet at a price that catches everybody’s eyes.

Eventually, the windows tablet, bought under $300 shall fulfill all the needs and requirements you need in your tablet. Conclusively, you are definitely supposed to have an excellent window tablet within your fixed budget.

Best Windows Tablet Under $300

Finally, we are here to look into the shortlisted best windows tablets under $300 which are reliable and bona fide to buy and use as an authentic device for work, study, and entertainment purposes. These tablets work with all kinds of work and activities and that’s why you can perform multiple activities on a single device. All these tablets are the best and inexpensive that go with your fixed budget while having all the compulsory features and mandatory specifications.

You may thoroughly read all the tablets with their descriptions and written specification and decide which one you would prefer to buy. Our first goal is your satisfaction and the second is that you end up buying a genuine tablet after going through the article properly. Therefore, without wasting time anymore, let’s take a precise look at all the window tablets mentioned herewith. 

1. Fusion5 FWUN232 S2 Tablet

Fusion5 FWUN232 S2 Tablet

Brand: Fusion5 | Processor: Quad-Core N3450 | Size: 10 inch | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 256GB | OS: Windows 10|


Fast charging capacity

Large storage

Multiple connectivities



Boot issue

The Fusion5 tablet is another top windows tablet that you can easily buy under $300. We can undoubtedly believe in this windows tablet because the Brand Fusion5 itself is known as the best tablet maker which is purchased by people all over the world.

This tablet comes with an Intel Quad-core n3450 processor with a speed of 2.2GHz frequency burst together with an Intel HD graphics 500 that allows you to enjoy peacefully clear and high graphics along with the fastest processing speed and quick multitasking without any lag or irrelevant interruption during the tasks and switching.

You can run any application on the tablet you want to as this is a high-potential tablet that offers you to do the same. About its display, the wide diagonal 10 inches screen with full HD IPS display screen makes us have a joy full time watching movies and videos on the tablet with clearer visibility and colorful visuals. This fusion5 tablet also has a dual-band WIFI connectivity feature.

Further, the storage capacity is attractively huge in this tablet with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage space to assist you to have a large amount of data stored in your single mini tablet easily. The direct USB port that is built into the tablet allows you to charge the tablet quickly as well as transferring data is not a problem here as it simply and vastly transfers all the data without making any attachments. In regards to the battery, the battery can be quickly charged while also run for a long time.

2. Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

Brand: Microsoft | Processor: Intel Quad-Core Atom x7 | Size: 10.8 inch | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB | OS: Windows 10 |


Large display

Pretty design

Large battery

Portable and durable

High-performance processor


Keyboard/mouse separate


This tablet is a Touchscreen 2-in-1 Education and Business laptop tablet powered by Microsoft with ultimate features and great specifications which amazed everyone. This bonafide windows tablet comes with all the mandatory features which perform as per your needs.

The tablet is 10.8 inches wide screen with a full HD multi-touch display for an exceptional watching experience and enhanced enlarged visuals. Together with the enlarged display, it gives you an opportunity to store a huge amount of data and large applications in a single device with 4 GB of RAM and the 64 GB of storage space that is generally expandable with the help of SD card as the tablet has connectivity of SD slots.

With this, it also has other multiple connectivity options like wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that improved the work capacity and multitasking of the tablet even more. You can also connect the extension of the mouse and the keyboard as well as the projector with the tablet. Isn’t it something amazing and more useful? Further, this tablet offers a 10 hours long battery life within a single charge when used the tablet continuously.

It runs on an Intel Atom x7 processor with a speed of 1.60 GHz frequency burst. This is a 5th generation tablet with silver color and beautiful appearance due to stylish design and slim and light weight body which makes it portable and durable at the same time.

3. Microsoft Surface Go 2

New Microsoft Surface Go 2

Brand: Microsoft | Processor: Core m3 8th Generation | Size: 10.5 inch | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB | OS: Windows 10 |


Sharp visuals and clear display

Windows 10 home

Huge storage capacity

Long-lasting battery

Surface pen


Tricky windows 10 home

Runs apps only on Microsoft store

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet offers a unique camera with 8MP along with loud sound generator Dolby Audio stereo speakers and compatibility. This tablet is compatible to play games and work effectively as it is an ideal task for all purposes It has an installation of Windows 10 Home which is a significant feature that helps in removing the need for an all the full-fledged device to perform tasks. 

The display that is being offered by the tablet is a 10.5 inches wide and large PixelSense Display which allows you to honest work experience on a better screen and greater visuals. With an Intel 8th Generation M3 Processor along with huge battery storage of 4GB and 64GB storage space for joyful game play and fastest processing of the tasks with no lags and disturbance while the storage is expandable to 128 GB through an SD card.

The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1280 bright screen which helps you to have better visuals even in the sunlight. The battery life of this New Microsoft Surface Go 2 is approximately 10 hours consecutively on a single charge. It also supports the Surface pen provided with the tablet as well as other connectivity options with wire and wireless including Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and USB Type-C. Thoroughly, this is a deserving and worth buying tablet for multipurpose under $300.

4. ALLDOCUBE Windows Tablet

ALLDOCUBE Windows Tablet

Brand: ALLDOCUBE | Processor: Intel Celeron Quad-core N4120 | Size: 13.3 inch | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB | OS: Windows 10 |


2 in 1 PC Tablet

Thin and light

Fast processing

Large memory

Excellent display



This tablet is basically a perfect PC tablet which comes with a 13.3 inches wide screen size with a high-resolution bright screen full HD and Magic Panel display that gives you pleasurable and amazing visuals of the movie on the screen.

ALLDOCUBE is a new brand that is eligible to present authentic windows tablets in the market. While testing and analyzing its capabilities, we assumed that the tablets are highly supportive of the task performed on daily basis. 

This KNote X Pro runs on Windows 10 operating system to help you to have a wonderful experience. The installed Intel Celeron Quad-Core N4120 processor along with 9th generation Ultra HD Graphics 600 provides you with the smooth runni9ng and functioning of frequent multi-tasking while the GPU gives you high-quality graphics to enjoy clear visuals and colorful images.

It has a dual band that supports 5.9 GHz WI-Fi and speeds Surfing. the tablet has a sleek and slim body along with a light weight and a kickstand to keep the tablet in position while the body is aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

The storage capacity of this tablet is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space with a processing speed of 2.4GHz. it has a powerful and long-lasting battery of 11000mAh battery for long and effective run constantly with impressive multiple connectivity options of wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi plus USB Type-C connectivity for fast charging and data transfer.

5. CHUWI HI10 GO Tablet

CHUWI HI10 GO Tablet

Brand: CHUWI | Processor: Intel Celeron N4120 quad core | Size: 10.1 inch | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 128GB | OS: Windows 10 |


Bright and clear visuals

Stylus pen

Long battery life

Multiple connectivity

Multi-tasking tablet



No auto rotate feature

This brand is not a known brand globally as it doesn’t seem to be much popular among people but with its windows tablets, people have now come to kn0ow about the brand as this CHUWI H10 GO tablet is one of the best windows tablets among all.

The tablet not only has a pretty appearance but strong and powerful hardware as well. With a large and bright display, that s full HD IPS display with a 10.1 inches screen, a Hipen H3 Stylus pen comes in the box too which helps you to have clear visibility and the usage of the tablet through pen comfortable.

The installed Intel Celeron N4120 quad core processor gives its best and fast performance that is remarkable while allowing you to have the best processing and multitasking with a frequent switch between applications easily.

Additionally, the average battery run time is consecutively 8 hours on a single charge as the battery is 3250mAh which is suitable to fit in with the tablet. Graphics are also supported by Intel’s 1st generation GPU to provide you with the best graphics and variants of the image and videos while watching them on the display.

This CHUWI tablet has great storage capacity with 6GB of RAM along with 128 GGB internal storage space which can be easily upgraded. The design and body of the tablet are the talks of the town as it is built with an Aluminum alloy build which makes it beautiful and stylish and has multiple connectivity options as well.

6. TECLAST X16 Tablet

TECLAST X16 Tablet

Brand: TECLAST | Processor: Intel N4120 Processor | Size: 11.6 inch | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 128GB | OS: Windows 10 |


Wide display

Average battery life

Excellent processor

10 point touch



This is a 2-in-1 tablet that has other multiple features and specifications within it. This Teclast X16 windows tablet is powered by the Teclast brand not known to many but this tablet has been proven to be a reliable and genuine windows tablet that deserves a better review and comes in a better category of tablets under $300.

These multiple tablets run on an Intel Celeron N4120 high processor with the speed of 2.8GHz frequent burst together with a high storage capacity of 6 GB of RAM and 128GB storage space with an offer of expandability till 512 GB which enables you to have a lag free and obstacle free processing with huge storage to store large data on a single place.

The good and high megapixels camera are installed in the tablet along with high graphics for better visibility. The appearance and build of the tablet are totally based on aluminum with a rear stand which helps you to put the tablet in this position to work comfortably. On the bargain, this tablet offers an 11.6 inches IPS OGS touchscreen with full HD and a high resolution brightest screen.

It also has a number of connectivity options with Wi-Fi and wireless Bluetooth and other numerous USB ports. On the other hand, the battery’s average run time is more than 6 hours on a single charge with a 28500mah battery. Additionally, it has an amazing feature of 10 point touch.

7. Venturer Touch Tablet with Keyboard

Venturer Touch Tablet with Keyboard

Brand: Venturer | Processor: Intel Pentium N5000 | Size: 11.6 inch | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB | OS: Windows 10 |


Excellent processor


Detachable Keyboard

Large storage


Slight cooling issue

Weak speakers

Luckily, Venturer may be a new name you have heard but this tablet is one of the best windows tablets under the price range as it’s cheaper while giving us more features and specifications. Venture windows tablet has a wide and large full HD IPS display 11.6 inches screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution for excellent visuals and perfect visibility even in a broader light.

This tablet comes with an attached and external keyboard which while used along with the tablet feels like a laptop. So, basically, it’s a tablet cum laptop that can be used for dual purposes. The battery has an average run time of 6 hours in a row with just a single charge. As it is a windows tablet, you can enjoy the special features of pre-installed Windows 10 S mode while using the tablet.

This mode actually helps you to quickly switch between the tablet and laptop mode highly smooth and pleasurable. The storage capacity of this tablet is RAM with 4GB while the other storage space is 64GB which can be easily upgraded through an SD card. With this huge storage, it runs on an Intel N5000 processor at the 2.7GHz frequency burst which makes the processor perform tasks in the fastest way without any lag.

The body this tablets own is light in weight which means you can carry your tablet anywhere you want. Overall, this tablet cum laptop is the best choice if you are looking for an authentic purchase of Windows tablets.


Up to this point, as per our research on the best windows tablets under $300 we have come to a conclusion with these windows tablets that are mentioned above with different features and specifications individually.

All of these windows tablets have been proved to be the most sterling and bona fide tablets for their hardware and multiple features discussed above in detail. They are portable with fast and uninterrupted processing and multi-tasking capability with huge storage together with their stylish appearance and light in weight. You may also look into best gaming tablets under $200.

In conclusion, we must say that we bring you the guideline after deep research and detailed test plus analyses of the tablets. We hope this article has aided you to choose a genuine device among an ocean within your fixed budget.

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