How To Fix Laptop Fan Making Grinding Noise

How To Fix Laptop Fan Making Grinding Noise

In this well-developed and advanced world, it’s legally quite impossible to think about working without our electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

No doubt, we always need our gadgets to keep doing our work easily and efficiently with frequent speed.

Although using laptops is a little expensive but in offices and homes, we generally use our laptops instead of other gadgets because working on them save users’ time and effort a lot.

It’s a fact that like people, our things and gadgets from time to time need attention.

Our laptops get over-heated if continuously consumed and end up making weird noises like grinding and rattling which obviously feel awkward as well as unpleasant, surely distract you from working sufficiently.

Not only that, constant grinding and buzzing noise greatly affect your work and bring deformity to your quality performance. That should be one of the major concerns.

Except over-used, there are numerous causes for the laptop to get heat-up.

Besides, buying a laptop fan which also plays an equal part in creating a noisy environment, we have other solutions too, by focusing on whom we can subsequently avoid our laptop getting over-heated.

So, let’s get deeper into them along with their methods and solutions.

What Are The Causes That Your Laptop Fan Making Grinding Noise?

Before we look for the solutions, we need to find out the causes.

Thus, in this article, we are going to help you understand things that actually why do our laptop fan makes grinding noise and how can we fix grinding and rattling noise in our laptop on our own, neither any help from the operator nor expenses on buying related gadgets.

What you really supposed to do is follow the ways mentioned here in this article and consequently, the problem would be solved itself.

So, let’s get deeper into them along with their methods and solutions.

1. Running Several Tasks In Background

It happens a lot of time on your phones as well as on laptops that we normally forget if we are previously doing any work and despite ending that task, we simply start another one.

These tasks keep running in the background and overload the laptop. When the CPU finds it difficult to take.

Hence, the laptop fan starts making weird grinding or buzzing noises which unfortunately distract you from your work.

2. Fan Stops Working

Due to many reasons like uneven surface, break or damage to the laptop and excess usage of CPU unquestionably lead the laptop fan to make grinding or rattling noises.

Here, you are required to check if there’s any problem with the fan, whether it has stopped or bent.

3. Laptop’s Position

If you keep using your laptop for a longer time on your bed or any other place which may stop the heat to release and get out of the laptop, your laptop starts making buzzing noises because the laptop ends up overheated due to the blockage of the air to pass in order to the proper functioning of the laptop.

4. Over Heating

Always remember that the gadgets you use always need your attention.

In case, you don’t maintain your laptop while keeping using it for a day-long, it instantly gets hotter.

This brings damage to your device and it lands up overheated, overheating not only heat your device up but also brings great destruction to it and affects performance.

5. Infected With Malware

If your laptop has been infected with malware, it makes sense why your laptop fan is actually making grinding or buzzing noises.

When we run larger and heavy apps on the laptop and your CPU has to work harder, but where there are no such problems as mentioned herewith then the malware would be obvious to blame here.

6. Over Aged Laptops

Everything has its limits and they only work till their ages. Of course, this is another reason for your laptop fan making a grinding or rattling noise.

If your laptop is too old, it’s obvious for the laptop to grind because the laptops generally have a maximum age of 15 years.

Ways To Fix Laptop Fan Making Grinding Noise

Since we have discussed the causes of the laptop fan making grinding or buzzing noises.

Now, it’s time to focus on the solutions. There are a number of ways mentioned below which we already tested and recommend you to try if you are facing the same problems.

Here are some quick fixes for your laptop to stop making grinding noise.

1. Tasks’ Detector

If you are using a laptop, never forget to install the tasks’ detector. Because sometimes overload makes your laptop grind.

Installing a tasks detector or activity monitor will help you automatically detect the unnecessary task running in the background and discontinue them.

This detector basically assists you to unload the unwanted load on your laptop and keeping it safe from getting overheating as prevention of unnecessary processing saves the battery.

2. Get a Cooler

The cheapest and easiest way to prevent your laptop from being overheated is using a laptop cooler which is made to avoid the heat up of the gadget and allows it to pass air.

There is no need to worry about the size and usage of laptop coolers but the cooler is generally a plate-shaped gadget with a fan as well as speed sensors and inbuilt USB hubs in it which increase the flow of air without creating any noise at all.

3. Dust In Laptop’s Fan

Another genuine reason for a laptop fan making grinding noise can be dust in the laptop fan.

The fan of the laptop must be cleaned and maintained from time to time. If not, the fan started to get dusty, causing the reduction in speed which ultimately reduces the flow of air.

In all this scenario makes it hard for the wings to move in order to prevent overheating.

Therefore, there should be proper dusting with a soft brush and cleaning of the laptop and specifically its fan to keep using it without any issue of heating up.

4. Buying A New Fan

In case, you have tried the option mentioned above and still, your laptop fan creates grinding noise, then do not waste your time and bring more damage to the laptop.

Simply buy a reliable, authentic and inexpensive laptop fan immediately.

There are many expensive and inexpensive cum branded and unbranded laptop fans are available in the market on and offline.

Just choose one of your choices and attach it to your laptop.

5. Uninstall Malware

If your laptop occasionally tends to overheat and you have tested ways to fix the problem but are in use.

You must also need to check it for malware. The viruses also reduce the speed of the laptops and so the operations being run.

To deal with the infection with malware, you have one of the best options of using an anti-virus or window defender which will quickly inform you about any such virus entering or affecting your device and you will be able to get rid of such malware on time which precisely prevents overheating and grinding noise.

6. End Futile Operations

Another reason for the unexpected over-heating of your laptop is futile operations being continued in it.

While trying to figure out the issue, if you come across to abnormally expending of any computer resources. There is the problem.

Check for the programs and processes that are running out of sight. Locating those unnecessary processes can help you avoid the over-heating of the laptop and there would be no grinding noise at all.

An important tip for you here is to exit the program which you conclude any working on the laptop.

7. Buy A New Laptop

Sometimes it’s not your fan making issues with the laptop. It can be the laptop itself.

As in the causes mentioned herewith, it has been described that the age of laptops are limited like other things that’s why it runs properly till its age.

After that, it starts making issues. Honestly, if you have tried all the possible ways to fix grinding noise, it’s high time for you to buy a new laptop instead of spending more money and wasting time on the same.


We have discussed all the possible causes and their solutions to fix them in detail.

Thus, this above-mentioned article is presented for you for your acknowledgement as a perfect guide and effective quick fix to your laptops, making grinding, buzzing or rattling noise.

The causes and solutions are thoroughly explained in an easily understandable way to bring your comfort and relief.

All these methods are free from any risk and reasons which may lead your laptop to destruction.

They are safer to try and keep your laptop maintained and it’s absolutely a good way out for your laptop to get recovered.

Lastly, after trying all these ways, if your laptop still makes loud grinding or buzzing sounds, it’s obviously high time for you to replace the laptop with a better and new one.

Hope this writing assists you to have the desired results which you are looking for.

Let us know if you find this article worthy!

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