NZXT H510 Fan Setup Guide 2022

NZXT H510 Fan Setup Guide 2022

Installing a fan seems to be a confusing or complex task to some people, yet in reality, installing an NZXT H510 fan is an easy task.

In order to set up a fan in NZXT H510, simply follow a few basic steps to assist you in upgrading your system.

Here we are writing for those looking for the answer to the subject matter mentioned with some easy ways regarding the fan setup process in NZXT H510.

In this model, at least 2 fans come in a pre-installed fan But in rare cases, these two fans are not sufficient enough to cool down your CPU.

Therefore, you must need a more powerful and specified fan to do this work. In this article, we are focusing on your problem with the NZXT H510 fan setup and trying our best to provide the correct and actual information with respect to the fan setup.

Before you try it yourself and learn after the experience, it’s always better to get know-how about things before you start working on them.

Hence, don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the writing we have presented for you here.

What is NZXT H510 Fan?

NZXT H510 is basically a cooling setup for your CPU. It comes with two 120 mm 3 pin rifles bearing pre-installed fans.

You have an option of modifying it with more fans as per your PC demands. The working mechanism of this fan keeps your PC setup cool and smooth and avoids it making heat to prevent your system get overheated.

Guiding principle NZXT H510 fan setup

For the installation of an additional fan setup, you should be known every short detail about it.

You should know simple things like how to install a fan without any error or mishap. How many fans maximum you could install in a single CPU. Where you should install this fan what should be the arrangement and figures.

1. Is there any requirement to install fans?

In CPU, usually, two fans are already installed to keep the system cool and workable but for a better activity, you can add more fans for intake and outlet the perfect airflow.

2. How many fans can be found in NZXT H510?

In general, it has been already mentioned above that the fan comes in the market with two pre-installed fans but still has an option to install at least four fans for the entrance of air and for exhaustion, and for blowing out into the environment.

3. How many Fans does it actually need to be installed?

You mainly have a capacity of installing fans in the front preferably. The NZXT H510 support two 120/140 mm capacity fans while the other fan acts oppositely, resulting in the best cooling environment for the PCs.

4. Place to Install and connect NZXT H510

When checking, you will find a bracket mount with thumbscrews on both front and back. Detach the screw and unmount the bracket.

Simply place the fans herein. Secondly, you can attach the fan directly to the motherboard. If you find it unsafe to attach directly, use a suitable Connector.

FAN installation NZXT H510

Here, you need to be focused significantly as we are going to describe and mention a step-by-step guide for you as a means to install the fans in your system so that your system can stay cooled and works smoothly.

For the CPU system, two fans are already attached but to make it more efficient and light, users wish to add more fans.

Finally, for An easy and simple guide to installing the NZXT H510 fan, you just need to follow the basic steps mentioned below.

Step#1: Take a screwdriver and start opening the case carefully with the help of a screw.

Step#2: When the case removes there you see some brackets on the front side with some thumbscrew. Remove the screw.

Step#3: Now finally take the fan and carefully place a 140/120mm fan in a way that works as an inlet for air.

Step#4: Don’t struggle with the motherboard just left the cable exposed.

Step#5: Thumbscrew help in screwing the case after fan installation.

BOUNS tips:

  • The right direction for fan installation is very important. Some of the fans have tags and stickers that will guide you about airflow direction the fan’s orientation is known by the curviness of the fan’s blade. For airflow direction, some arrows are also presented to find the direction of airflow.
  • Connection checking helps you to find why nit fans working properly.
  • In the headers connect fans in perfect arrangement to avoid any confusion and mishaps.

Properties of NZXT H510 Fan

NZXT fans are extremely good and amazing with high-capacity performances and working abilities.

These highly developed fans provide stabilized environment for the CPU, keeping your system cool resulting in the increased and healthy life of your PC setup. It has high-performance airflow as well which helps in exhaling the heat more quickly.

NZXT H510 has basically four pair of fans that work in collaboration with each other and the combined effort of these four fans make it highly satisfying for users like for perfect airflow.

They actually work in a way that one fan has curved blades that drag airflow inward and the top fan has a blade that takes all the exhaustion outside the system and as same as a front fan do side fan also helps in incoming of air and the rear fan helps to take all the warm air outward.

This work strategy of all these fans makes the system become highly efficient and its performance increases to some great extent that is the amazing part of it.


We hope that by now you must have understood how brilliant these fans work and how you can install the fan set up along with the correct way to connect the Fan to your PC. With the help of this article as I thoroughly read it, one should know everything about the NZXTH510 fans setup and how fabulous this setup is.

At last, it is well developed and not too expensive, affordable for everyone. Further, it has a reasonable price and by just installing it on your device, you can increase your CPU’s performance multiple times than normal.

For gaming purposes, installing and investing, in this case, is not at all a bad idea but worth it. These 4 pairs of fans in NZXT H510 make any CPUY an ideal one.

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