Where Is Clipboard On iPhone?

Where Is Clipboard On iPhone?

Honestly speaking, iPhone is a smartphone that is dreamed of by everyone to have nowadays and it’s getting more and more demanding to get or keep an iPhone with oneself.

The features and methods of operating an iPhone are way different from an ordinary phone or an android. Among those features, there’s another feature of cut, copy and paste.

Whenever we copy any text, it immediately gets copied on the clipboard temporarily and once it is copied, we can paste the text anywhere we want.

This actually a lot of our time and effort and prevent us to type the same text over and over again. Especially if we talk about a long text, it seriously gives us a sense of relief when we have such an option for a long and lengthy text.

Such as, by sending an invitation to your family and friends separately, you are needed to type the text once only and then just copy/paste the whole text and send them.

As iPhone is an extraordinary phone that’s why it has exceptional and enhanced features and specifications as compared to other phones.

One thing that should be focused on here is, that although they can copy and paste the text anyways users are unable to find the clipboard on their iPhone while using any app such as Facebook and other relevant apps.

The content gets copied and paste but has no option for making changes on the go as they are totally incapable to discover the clipboard on iPhone.

Well, there is no need to worry anymore as this article has been written for those iPhone users who are conscious about where is Clipboard on iPhone? 

Before we start getting into the methods and ways to find the clipboard on iPhone, we are supposed to understand what actually the clipboard is?

Clipboard is basically an interior charge of the iPhone that for a fixed moment copies and stores the text and when the text is copied, you enable yourself to paste the text where needed with the options of cut, copy and paste but never show itself to you that’s why you can’t edit the copied content on the clipboard.

That’s our main concern and this article is a perfect guide for you to know where the clipboard is on iPhone.

After facing the same issue ourselves we have found the way out and sharing it with you here.

Significantly you are going to learn here about different ways of how to find the clipboard on iPhone as well as editing the content directly on the Clipboard on iPhone.

Fairly, there is neither a natural/right way nor any real app for a clipboard that enables you to find out all the text you have copied in multiple things at multiple times.

Because they are designed and built-in features to copy and store single content at a time. Once, you copy a text it will store on the clipboard and as soon as you copy a new text, the previous text will no longer be spotted anywhere on the iPhone.

Let’s just get deep into the topic in order to clear things in detail regarding the clipboard on iPhone.

What does An iPhone Clipboard Do?

iPhone clipboard is very secure as you copy into one app and paste it into any other app.

iPhone clipboard temporary stored content in its internal storage for a short period of time.

iPhone makes you cut copy and paste any content. Not only the copy text but also copy images and videos.

How Can You Erase The Clipboard Data?

The iPhone clipboard saves just one thing at a time. You can remove it by displacing the item or by cancelling text and you can select and copy a new text as a means to remove the old text or content.

For confirmation that the clipboard is clear or not you can open the application and tap on the clear text field and press paste if it remains empty, it indicates your clipboard is clear now.

Why Is There A Need For Clearing Your Clipboard?

iPhone is limited to a single line of text. Sometimes you have copied some of the confidential information that needs to be kept private like your password, bank account, telephone numbers and addresses so you need to clear all this data from your clipboard.

The point that needs to be noted here is that a few apps actually interpret the data copies on the clipboard and that can be a problem for you.

Thus, clearing it is necessary to avoid any misshape happening.

How To Find Clipboard In iPhone?

You must have gotten a clear idea of how this copy and paste system works on the iPhone. But there’s more than that.

Getting multiple copies at the same time without any loss of previously copied data and text. This is unfortunately quite impossible to do it directly but we provide you with a few ways as a solution to your problem.

The ways to find the clipboard on iPhone are mentioned below:

1. Using Notes App

It is now a bit possible to make your clipboard accessible using the notes app.

The process is the simplest and the perfect answer to your question of where is clipboard on iPhone.

Ambiguously, follow the steps mentioned below as a means to get your desired results.

Firstly, open the Notes App on your iPhone, open a new note and now paste the copied text that was copied previously and paste over here.

This is in our point of view, the easies, quickest and most straightforward way to have your copied data altogether without any loss.

2. Using Third-Party Clipboard Managers

There are numerous third-party apps available on iPhone App Store that help you a lot in completing your task.

So if you really want to manage your clipboard, installing a third-party app is always a good choice. The best third party app until now is the Clipboard++ app which has proven itself to be more effective and helpful regarding the concern.

Once, you have installed the App, follow the steps mentioned herewith; after installing the App, copy any text or content of your choice, open the app and find your copied text there.

Whenever you copy any text, just make it to open the app and you will find your text there already.

3. Using Shortcut App

Shortcut Apps generally enable us to create task automation with the method of combining multiple actions.

The shortcut app can effortlessly be incorporated to access and modify the text on the clipboard. For this reason, simply open a shortcut application, navigate the Gallery Menu, and look for Show Clipboard.

Now, Enable shortcut and press Add shortcut, get back to the My Shortcut button, search for the newly incorporated shortcut and finally click on Adjust Clipboard.

There, you can use this shortcut to modify content or text on the Clipboard. 


In this article, we have tried to cover all the easiest and safest possible ways to help you get your desired result regarding your question of where is Clipboard on iPhone.

All of the ways mentioned above are tried already and have been proven to be effective and useful references to the subject matter.

We hope that this writing has helped you find your answer thoroughly and all the ways are understandable to you.

We would be glad if you provide us with your feedback.

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