Can I Use A 90 Watt Charger On A 65 Watt Laptop?

Can I Use A 90 Watt Charger On A 65 Watt Laptop?

Imagine if your laptop has no charger or the charger is out of order, what you will do with your laptop? Will it be able to have any importance with no charge at all? Thus, this whole simple and straightforward scenario shows that the laptop charger is the most important and mandatory part of the laptop without which the laptop is of no use.

The presence of the charger is as essential as its proper functioning that must go with your laptop effectively. Here, one point arises that if the 65 Watts charger is needed to charge your laptop but you actually have a 90 Watts charger with you.

Many people around are really concerned about the query and want to know if they can use a 90 Watts charger for a 65 Watts charger laptop.

In this article, we are focusing on this query and letting everyone know all the facts regarding the matter. 

The actual answer to this question is that you can charge your 65 Watts laptop with a 90 Watts charger. Not only that but also it will help in charging your laptop faster than ever under normal situations.

One thing that is required to be cared for is the power. No matter if the charger is of higher watts but the power that is coming out of the charger doesn’t exceed the limit the laptop is eligible to handle. Otherwise, you may end up getting your laptop and its parts burned.

Why is it important to have perfectly suitable watts?

Well, as it has already been mentioned above that the laptop can be charged properly and effectively and faster if gets charged with a 90 watts charger but there are some cons for the situation too.

It is always better to use the charger with perfect watts that your battery is designed to get itself charged. Else, you still have a risk of your laptop being damaged or destroyed.

Therefore, either try to have a suitable charger or be extra careful and conscious. 

Can I use a 90 watt charger for a 65 watt laptop?

The laptop can only be charged by its charger and no other source can assist in charging the laptop because it provides power as a food or energy to the laptop as a means to make it work and function effectively.

You can surprisingly charge your 65 watts laptop battery with a 90 watts laptop charger with more speed and faster performance. It won’t damage your laptop or motherboard if you be a little careful and avoid making any mess. 

The charger generally comes with its own reciprocal charger to supply the required amount of power to the laptop battery to charge as the charger is made ideally corresponding with the laptop battery. Therefore, the laptop charges at the perfect time and functions effectively.

The watts provided for the charger are basically a measurement of how many watts of battery the charge is capable to charge. 

An illustration for your understanding is that suppose you have a 65 watts laptop battery and a 90 watts laptop charger.

When you attach the charger with the laptop in order to charge the battery, it literally does not mean that the whole 90 watts will flow and hit the battery at once.

It wouldn’t exactly and immediately deliver the watts but rather the laptop battery will have the watts as much as it needs to charge itself. That makes the 90 watts charger capable of charging a lower watts battery. 

Through the above-mentioned facts, it should be clearly understood that a 65 watts laptop can be charged with a 90 watts laptop faster because the laptop will take the highest amount of power to charge itself through the laptop.

Hence, more required power for an effective charge. But that doesn’t mean you can charge your laptop carelessly and leave it at risk or use any damaged charger, it will surely going to give your laptop a shock. 

Possibilities involved if you charge your laptop with a 90 watts charger

As we have already stated that you can easily charge your laptop faster with a 90 watts charger but need exceptional care to do. Therefore, if you avoid being careful, there are some possibilities involved if you charge your laptop with a 90 watts charger. 

1. High Voltage:

First of all, the possibility involved if you charge your laptop with a 90 watts charger is high voltage. As the charger is 90 watts charger, if it is attached to a 65 watts laptop battery, there is a great possibility of your laptop being damaged and the motherboard being burned badly, ending up your laptop being incapable of any other activity and function.  

2. Charging Port:

Another possibility involved in this scenario is that the charger fits the charging port of your laptop. If the port is slightly different from the port of the charger, it would damage your charging port and other relevant parts of the laptop. 

Final Words

In conclusion, we are of the view that the 90 watts charger is safe and potential to charge a 65 watts laptop battery but you are advised to take extraordinary care in order to charge your laptop.

Minor carelessness can end up your laptop at risk and huge damage. Hence, you better handle the whole process in a professional and careful way.

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