How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop

How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop

Generally, nowadays we can assume that AirPods are the most recent and most advanced technology used by most people for audio listening.

Headphones and hands-free are now being replaced by AirPods in this new era of technology. Anything else is not that much approached when it comes to listening to your favorite song your first choice is AirPods. With necessity, AirPods are more of a new fashion trend as well.

The Leading brand as we all are really well aware that for the past few years Apple is that brand which is already exceptionally famous among people when it comes to electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, and many others.

Similarly, the air pods of this brand are admired by a lot of general people globally. It fits and works effectively with smartphones and laptops whether it is for gaming purposes or general use.

Now the arrival of AirPods and AirPods pro is new and trending all around the world.

What are the AirPods?

AirPods are simple wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which help you listen to the sounds no matter if you are on call or listening to the songs or having a zoom meeting, the AirPods are presumed as the most fantastic and most trending invention.

The quality of sound of AirPods is mind-blowing and just reaches your heart directly. AirPod pro is introduced after AirPod with additional features and compatibility as compared to AirPods. The battery time of the air pods is amazingly good. It’s generally a fact that AirPods have reduced the tension of fixing the wires and the unconditional try to protect it from any break and damage.

Airpods are just magical headphones you can use anywhere without any stress or tension very conveniently while you are running, you can use AirPods as they are your best choice to entertain and be user-friendly. It also has optimum audio quality.

Connectivity Issue

The recent laptops have Bluetooth and wireless connectivity options whereas old laptops don’t have the Bluetooth system which was an issue. But if you buy any of that budget laptops, you can use different applications to make it connected.

How to connect the AirPods to the Dell laptop?

Here are some easy steps following which you can connect your AirPod and AirPods pro with your dell laptop easily.

Firstly we need to completely charge the AirPods. After that, some steps need to be followed.

  • There are two ways first is by opening the start menu and click on setting. When the app appears select it one time and then press short key window + l form the keyboards.
  • On the setting menu, you find some devices you can chose the device over here.
  • If your laptop automatically show a Bluetooth option that is mean your laptop is by default and step up with Bluetooth option.
  • Now select the add “Bluetooth and other device”
  • Then the pop up of Bluetooth and other device appeared. Select Bluetooth.
  • Take your AirPod and press the circular button and then the light will automatically.
  • Start pulsing with white color.
  • Now on your laptop widescreen, you will see an option of “Add a device menu” now you just need to select your device and after that just click on connect .then a notification came that you “your device is ready to go!”
  • Now your AirPods are connected to your dell laptop via Bluetooth.

Now your connectivity information is stored in your laptop and whenever your AirPods are in it will automatically pair up with your laptop.

How to disconnect Airpods from Dell laptops?

The AirPods could be connected with any other device as per requirements But you need to be very careful while installing the air pods and connecting them to your dell laptop.

For this purpose, you first need to disconnect with dell’s laptop so it could be done easily by just following three basic steps.

  • First of all on your laptop desktop screen press the window button option to open the start menu or you can use the short key window +l
  • Now, find the device that is found on top after that click on it in the settings.
  • Here, got the audio section in the bottom .now just click on your AirPods then by clicking your get an option “removing device” which means your AirPods will disconnect immediately from dell’s laptop in the first place.

How To Reconnect The AirPods With Dell Laptop?

When you first time connects your AirPods with the laptop your information with the AirPod’s particular name is saved. If it is unable to connect with the laptop showing any issue just because it was not connected with the laptop before.

  • Click on to open the menu (start menu) and now on search bar type setting or use short key window+l from your keyboard.
  • By selecting device goes down to the section of audio given below .now just by clicking select your AirPods now click on the button of connect. And done it will start working now.


By following these basic methods, you can solve all your connectivity or disconnectivity issues of air pods with dell laptops.

The best part of laptops is that they all have the same operating system so the setting option is quiet similar in all of the laptops which will make it easier to follow these steps in any laptop other than Dell laptop as well. We hope that this article has helped you get the solution to your problem. We hope to see you next time as well.

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