Why Is My Airpod Making A Buzzing Sound? (Quick Fixes)

Why Is My Airpod Making A Buzzing Sound? (Quick Fixes)

Apple is the most known and favourite brand which introduces & invents the most expensive gadgets all over the world.  Despite the expensive gadgets and most reputed image along with a perfect image of perfection, sometimes the product of apple company do have faults in them too. The faults can be minor and major.

Today, we are going to discuss the air pods powered by apple and the most common and frequent issuing air pod which user complains about most often. A lot of people do complain about the apple air pod and air pod pro making a buzzing sound.

Therefore, we decided to do research and analyze the issue with their causes and ways to fix it thoroughly. So, let’s take a deep look and know, why my is AirPod making a buzzing sound along with easy ways to get rid of the issue.

Why do we need AirPods?

Honestly speaking, this is none of our needs until we forcefully make it one by creating unnecessary activities to make ourselves need of the air pods. They are basically wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are manufactured and designed in a way to work with Apple products only.  As they are earbuds, they help us take the calls, talk on the phone, listen to the audios and music with play, pause, take volume up and down and skip tracks as well.

Why does my AirPods making buzzing sound?

The new product of apple, airpods and airpods pro, have made users complain about the issue they are frequently facing despite spending a huge amount of money.

The issue is regarding the buzzing sound due to the high-pitch and low-frequency sound creation in the air pods. Some are of the view that not both the earbuds are making such sound but either the lefty or the right earbud.

Reasons behind Buzzing sound in AirPods

Among many other reasons, we concluded with the reasons mentioned below which mostly involved responsibility for creating an issue with the air pods. Carefully read all the reasons before you try to fix the issue on your own.

This will give you clear know-how and deep analyses of the issue to better understand the whole scenario. Let’s take a look at them without wasting time.

1. Low battery Level

The most actual reason for the issue is the low battery level. Sometimes, when the battery is not properly charged, your air pods may not connect thoroughly or doesn’t work effectively. So, the battery with low charging is an authentic reason for the mess.

2. Interference of other devices

Your AirPods may be getting interrupted by the other wireless devices. The wireless signals roam freely on the path between the sender and the receiver.

However, any other wireless signals of other devices come across between the l9ine of connection of the device. the connection gets interrupted and such interference can be a cause of that buzzing sound.

3. Weak or poor connection

Sometimes due to any obstacles in connections, your AirPods got weak or poor signals which make them not to connect to the device properly. What you are only left with is the irritating buzzing sound from the earbuds messing with your ear.

4. Damaged or discarded set

Not all the products manufactured by the apple are genuine, a few of them can be faulty or damaged but unknowingly got packed and unfortunately, you are the unlucky one who got defected pairs. So the issue with the earbuds itself is another reason of the buzzing sound.

5. Environmental issue

Due to noise pollution or noise environment around you, your AirPods may not function properly, instead of starting making a buzzing sound and restless your ear more than it was before. Among many other genuine causes, the environment of also one of the most important causes of AirPod’s buzzing sound.

How to Quick Fix the Apple AirPods Buzzing Sound

Well, going through the reasons mentioned above, you may have clearly assumed that there is no accurate or specific reason of that buzzing sound in air pods. However, we still have come to an end by bringing you a detailed but an effective way to fix your issue at home without any inconvenience. One thing, you should be taking care of is turning on the background sound feature of the air pod from the settings and then select a long audio with low volume level. When done, follow the step by step guideline mentioned herewith;

  • Go to the settings and look for the Accessibility option on the same page.
  • Find the airpods in the list and click on it.
  • Now, take the    Background Sound selection from the Audio Accessibility option.
  • Click on the Background sound and turn it on. Select rain thereon.’
  • Press the volume button and the volume up button simultaneously to increase the level of volume. 

This is honestly the only way you can fix the AirPods buzzing sound at home. In case, your air pod still makes such sound, you should better take it to a professional or exchange them if too old.


We in order to satisfy our reader brings the best to you. Therefore, after deep research, we test the ways to fix the issue effectively as well.

The AirPods are always genuine and never have such issues frequently. But no worries if your AirPods has it. We have got you a way out of it. All these reasons are genuine but the only method that has proven to be highly useful and accurate is to go with the issue.

We really wish that your issue gets resolved after trying the procedure correctly as stated. Further, we look forward to seeing you again in case of further queries.

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