RAM Slots 1-3 VS 2-4 (Guide 2022)

RAM Slots 1-3 VS 2-4 (Guide 2022)

Computer system and PC fans and followers are always in a healthy discussion regarding the different components and trending topics related to the. One of such topic is regarding the RAM Slots. As there are a number of slots provided to the users in the PC to fix RAM in. there are mainly two slots center of the discussions on whether to put the RAM in slots 1-3 0r 2-4.

After listening to this, the general question that hit the minds is about the difference in these RAM slots and what would happen if we put them in one of them and not in the others. Therefore, we are going to discuss about the RAM Slots 1-3 vs 2-4 in detail along with all the other important aspects.

Why RAM is important

RAMs are generally used in order to save and store the huge storage of currently presented tasks as its abbreviation suggests Random Access Memory. The more powerful the RAM would be, the more data would be stored and accessed randomly as the system will work faster on it.

What’s the actual function of RAM Slots?

Basically, the motherboards are designed with 4 RAM slots installed in them currently. Which are 1-3 and 2-4, both have different functioning abilities. As the data we transfer has a speed of transferring data, both of the RAM slots have this difference among them.

The RAM actually sends the concerned data to RAM slots that reach the processor and things work this way. Therefore, the RAM slots are very important and effective in themselves. The performance of the RAM and processor also depends on the RAM slots because they are a way to send the data from one to another.

RAM slots 1-3 vs 2-4

If we observe them wholly, we may find specifically no major difference among the two with reference to installation but you will definitely find a prominent difference between them in regards to channel optimizing and frequency of the RAM. The suggested and specified RAM slots are due to the motherboard only.

RAM Slot 1-3

This one is usually used for single-channel slot functioning. It has 64 bits in bus width as well as a motherboard presenting actual speed. The performance of this RAM slot is a little slower than others when used more than a stick.

RAM Slot 2-4

This one is used for dual channel slot functioning with having 128 bis in a bus width. While the RAM presents an optimized speed along with the fastest speed boost up.

Performance difference among 1-3 vs 2-4

Both of the RAM slots have a huge difference among them if we look into the Channel optimization and XPS aspects. As we all are really well aware of the fact that the Bandwidth is known as the transfer rate of computer system via channels. When the RAM is included in transferring data via channels.

Bandwidth is compulsory to be present which we measure in MBs per second or GBs per second. This whole was the scene of Single channel. Whereas, if we look at the dual channel, it’s quite new as compared to the single-channel but better and enhanced.

Along with the bandwidth, bus width is also involved in it. Which is mainly involved in the dual-channel with 128 bits bus width, surely going to give better performance and fastest transfer rates in comparison ion with the single channel.

Performance test between RAM slots 1- 3 vs 2 – 4

Let’s just perform a test among both the RAM Slots to get firsthand knowledge and accuracy. For that what you need to do is use the RAM sticks with DDR4 while using them with the 4 slots one by one.

Once you attach one, pick any of the games below and test the actual performance of the RAM and RAM slots in this regard. You may play games like PUBG, GTA 5, Middle earth, etc.

Our general perceptive after testing the performance of all the RAM slots was quite surprising and shocking at the same time.

Both of the slots perfumed really well in the gaming with maintaining their fps ion the ideal level but the usage of CPU was the only thing we find inappropriate.

We come to a conclusion that the RAM Slot 2-4 is superior to the RAM Slot 1-3 as they both go good with the game and perform effectively but RAM Slot 1-3 has an incompatibility with the usage of the CPU.


We would suggest you to use a RAM slot 2-4 instead of 1-3 with the reference to our test between both the RAM Slots. As clearly shown, the enhanced RAM Slot will perform better and faster due to its dual-channel capacity while the other one has only a single channel and that’s the reason the rate of data transfer is faster in RAM slots 2-4.

The effect on the CPU will decrease your performance directly no matter if the fps are enhanced and compatible.

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