How To Charge A Chromebook Without A Charger

How To Charge A Chromebook Without A Charger

As we all know that Chromebooks are portable, expedient, and opportune gadgets that accommodate people to work on the go and for a long time without any feeling of tiredness or fatigue.

You are not required to stick to a place if you have a Chromebook to work as compared to PCs. Beyond its heavy body, the power supply is another of keeping the PCs in a place whereas, the Chromebook can work on a single charge all day long.

You do not need to provide a continuous power supply to Chromebook and can work after the gadget is fully charged. Despite a lot of qualities, one thing doesn’t get overcome that is the charging. The Chromebook is of no use if it doesn’t have any charge. Effective charging is necessary for the proper functioning of the Chromebook.

Times come when we have no availability of charger to charge the gadgets but the need for Chromebook is mandatory to use and we have some work to do on an urgent basis. Further, our charger can also get damaged and lost as well.

In all these cases, we end up with no presence of charger and really need it. We understand your concern and that’s why in this article we will provide the guidelines on how to charge a Chromebook without a charger. 

Check Battery And Charger

Always assure yourself before leaving the place that you have all the necessary accommodations with you especially when you are leaving for some work or important business as well as office events. You must keep all the essentials in your bag.

Moreover, make sure to charge your Chromebook fully before any special event. Further, check if your Chromebook’s battery is either all right or has any issue as well as the charger’s working capacity is strong and capable enough to trust.

Is It Safe To Charge Your Chromebook Without Its Charger?

We recommend our readers the safest and right way to do things but all the same time, we provide guidelines to you so that you can take an action at the right time and fix the issue immediately, no matter whether you have the actual source or not but you must know the other alternative ways to do the tasks.

Therefore, after you have no charger to charge the Chromebook, we have sorted out a few safe and acceptable ways to charge your Chromebook in times of need.

Ways To Charge A Chromebook Without Charger

If we look around, we may find a lot of temporary ways to charge your Chromebook on the spot like lending someone else’s charger to charge the device but what if nobody is present to lend you his charger. 

No worries, you have got four different ways to charge your Chromebook effectively without its personal charger. Please note here that these ways are for temporary use and it’s better to buy a charger quickly if it has been lost or damaged. We would suggest you follow all the step-by-step methods carefully before applying them to your Chromebook.

1. Adapter along with USB Type-C Cable

If you do not have charging in your Chromebook or you have no charger, you can use the adaptor along with a USB Type-C cable easily. Type-c ports and cables are supported by laptops and Chromebooks due to data transferring and charging devices. To charge your Chromebook, get a plug adapter that is compatible with your Chromebook. Connecting the adapter and cable to charge.

  1. Click on “Time” on your desktop and locate “settings” menu.
  2. Now, select “power” and then click “USB-C Port” as the power source to charge.
  3. Plugin the Type-C Charging cable and plug adapter with the power supply and charge your Chromebook.

2. Car Charger to charge Chromebook

Another prominent way to charge your Chromebook when you are driving or on your way to your destination is to charge your Chromebook in the car with the car charger.

The cars nowadays are designed in a new way and have the built-in option of having this opportunity.

  1. AC/DC Car Charger helps you to charge your Chromebook in the car on the go. Just plug in the car charger to the charging ports of the Chromebook. It will automatically take power through the running vehicle.
  2. Type-C Car Charger is another car charger with a USB Type-C cable which is basically a common accessory nowadays. Simply plug in the Type-C charger to the Car’s built-in charging port.

One thing that should be kept in notice is that charging in the car through a car charger can only be done when the car is running. Otherwise, it will have no effect or may cost a lot to you and your car’s battery.

3. Power Bank to Charge Chromebook

Another genuine way to charge your Chromebook urgently is using the laptop power bank for charging. The market is generally full of good or bad quality power banks which goes well with different laptops and Chromebooks.

Additionally, it’s always a great decision to keep a power bank in your Chromebook bag.

  • Fully charge your power bank. Then, connect the power bank with the Chromebook with the help of a cable and let it charge.

4. Smartphone to charge Chromebook

Charging the Chromebook in times of need can also be done with the help of a Smartphone as well. Yes, you heard it right. Though the battery of the smartphones is smaller and weak as compared to the Chromebooks have but it will charge the Chromebook at least for your urgent use.

  1. Take a USB Type-C cable and attach it to your Chromebook’s Type C port.
  2. Connect the phone at one and Chromebook on the other end.
  3. On receiving the permission notification on your phone, click the option of “Supply Power” to start the charging process.


In conclusion, we must say that these methods which we have mentioned above are thoroughly and deeply analyzed and studied and later tested in order to get the firsthand knowledge of the genuine ways.

We recommend you to try these ways when you ever come across such situations with the help of different accommodations.

Follow the tips we have provided for you in the article to avoid any mishap. Otherwise, we have already blessed you with the solutions to the subjective issue. Hope you find this article helpful.

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